Nasim Pedrad Joins 'Scream Queens' From Ryan Murphy & It's The Perfect Move For the Show

I'm a huge horror movie fan, and, no matter what plot lines the shows throw at audiences, I'll continue to watch Glee and American Horror Story right up to the bitter end. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Ryan Murphy was producing a brand-new horror series that combined the playful fun of his musical comedy with the madness of his horror anthology series: The show is titled Scream Queens, and it's slated to come to Fox this fall. Now a new announcement has made me even more stoked to tune in to the upcoming show: Saturday Night Live's Nasim Pedrad will star on Scream Queens, which means our laughs could very well overtake our screams.

Pedrad is an interesting choice for Scream Queens, but could very well be a great one. Unlike Murphy's American Horror Story, which is designed specifically to scare and unnerve you, Scream Queens is a horror-comedy, and it needs some seriously funny women to round out the cast.

While a ton of talented women are a part of the cast already, including Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Ariana Grande, and the original "scream queen" (Halloween, anyone?) Jamie Lee Curtis, Pedrad is one of the few true comedians listed in the cast. I'm sure that this show will feature plenty of scares and gore, but it's nice to know we'll still get our giggles on when we can. After all, if there's anyone who does simultaneously creepy/funny well, it's Murphy!

Check out the creepy promo below.