'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Rock The Boat

by Laura Rosenfeld

OK, now this is what I'm talking about. The second full episode with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills out of their natural habitat and in Amsterdam started off with a bit of a whimper with the ladies going shopping and getting a bit of culture at a museum. Luckily, once the ladies climbed aboard a dinner boat, it was on, and I was so into it.

Yolanda Foster planned a lovely dinner for the ladies on a boat that glided down the Amsterdam canals, but why does she even bother? She should really know better by now. Though the ladies seemed to have a nice day of sightseeing, the dinner started off so icy between everyone, it was a good thing Kim Richards had on a fur vest.

The trip just started, but it was already filled with fighting involving pretty much everyone. However, it seemed like all of the Housewives wore their big girl panties to dinner and were going to leave it all in the past. But no. Kyle didn't get why everyone was pretending to be friends while so much was left unresolved. Eileen Davidson seconded that emotion.

But eventually, the clouds parted, angels sang, and a single tear fell down my cheek as Brandi agreed to have it out with Eileen. Oh, and they put everything on the table. First on the agenda, Brandi called out Eileen for saying she drank too much. Eileen sort of kind of apologized, I guess?

All right, that was anti-climactic. But wait! Kim and Eileen fought. This has got to be good. Well, it sort of was. Kim basically just repeated her mantra du jour, telling Eileen to mind her own "biz wax." She explained the whole pain medication ordeal that occurred during Eileen's poker party for the 67th time and told Eileen to stop trying to take away everything that she's worked so hard to accomplish, i.e. achieving her sobriety.

So that means this should definitely be the last time we hear about all of this, right? Oh, I doubt it. Brandi also joked that Eileen is a home wrecker because she allegedly got together with her current husband Vincent Van Patten when the two were still married to other people. Eileen was not having this. Ironically, Kim thought Eileen overreacted at this "joke," which was completely tasteless and not funny. Oh you know that's going to become a whole thing.

But what RHOBH dinner would be complete without Brandi and Kyle practically clawing each other's eyes out? Once again, Kyle complained about how Brandi and Kim are getting so close when she and her sister aren't even talking to each other these days.

This ended with Kim in tears, but two seconds later, both she and Kyle were both crying. As the ladies went around the dinner table actually complimenting each other — for serious — Kim praised Kyle's parenting skills, and Kyle lauded Kim's compassion.

Well, that was fast. I don't know if this is the jet lag talking, but these ladies are wearing me out. Oh, just another RHOBH vacation, you know.

Images: Michael Porro/Bravo; realitytvgifs/Tumblr (2)