Moleskine Launches Functionally Stylish Bags

by May Sofi

If you are someone who is constantly hustling and bustling, you are most likely familiar with the common commuter issue of staying organized and neat while on the go. Ever wish you had a solution to those everyday travel woes? Perhaps a neat little accessory to carry all your personal items in an orderly fashion? Well, you're in luck. The brand that brought us the preferred notebook of coffee shop writers everywhere, Moleskine, has launched a collection of bags to help us super-busy creative folks eliminate distress and stay organized wherever we go.

These handy-dandy bags are not only highly convenient, encompassing strategic compartments for just about anything you can imagine, but they are also pretty cool looking. So if you've been searching near and far for something that is easy to use yet still pretty, you may have just struck gold. The collection includes backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases, and totes in a range of different colors, from neutral beige to fiery red. There's literally something for everyone! Serving as the perfect mix of functional and stylish, each bag comes fully equipped with a ton of useful features, including padded pockets for laptops, cables, business cards, pens, and pencils. Some designs even have a removable pocket for your umbrella and water bottle — pure genius if you ask me.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect though, is the way they managed to seamlessly translate the signature Moleskine designs from their classic notebooks to their accessories line. The original aesthetic of their sketchbooks and journals, which combines minimalist simplicity with a fun unique edge, is definitely evident in the new collection of bags. And yes, many of the styles feature the instantly recognizable elastic strap featured on the brand's hardcover notebooks.

The Moleskine bag collection is available at and ranges between $89.90 and $185.00.

Check out some of the cool designs below.

Images: Courtesy Moleskine