Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" Is Just Like Rebecca Black's "Friday," Only Worse

I don't think the "professionals" over at Ark Music Factory even try anymore. And really, why should they? The only reason anyone actually knows of their company is because they put out a ridiculously terrible music video for Rebecca Black's "Friday" two years ago, and it ended up going viral because everyone couldn't stop laughing at it. It makes sense that they would just try to recreate that success with the artists they sign (read: wannabe teenage pop stars who have rich parents) instead of actually putting some quality music out there. That's pretty much what this is: Ark Music Factory's newest video disaster has poor tween Alison Gold singing about how much she loves Chinese food, while the video features a bunch of Chinese and Asian stereotypes — from a panda to geishas — in the background.

Also, Ark Music Factory co-founder, Patrice Wilson, is back, and he raps about Chinese food in the video too – while squinting his eyes as if to make himself look Chinese. Right.

The video is really better seen than explained, but a quick rundown is: Alison Gold is starving after she goes clubbing (she's also, like, 13, so what clubs is she even going to?), and she laments how she's getting grumpy — before happening upon a Chinese restaurant. In she goes, where she orders fried rice and chow mein, then becomes best friends with a panda who later bolts out of her house on a rainbow after throwing a GIGANTIC FORTUNE COOKIE at her. Ark Music Factory clearly just wanted to get noticed on the Internet again, and they likely will for this video, but it may not be as benign as the attention for "Friday" was — at least that video stayed away from cultural appropriation.

You can check out "Chinese Food" below.