Vintage Clip Of Carell & Colbert Is Amazing

Do you have a minute and fifty seconds to enjoy the greatest video of all time? Of course you do — in fact, better block out at least ten minutes because you're gonna wanna watch it on repeat. Second City just released this incredible gem from its vault, vintage clip of Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert — who, although you can't see, plays a crucial part — playing Fabio. The video, from 1994, is a clip from Second City's musical revue, Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been Mellow?: Steve Carrell plays '90s heartthrob Fabio Lanzoni — who, for all you kiddies out there, was the original hunky swoony sensation, with his signature oiled chest and long blonde mane. Stephen Colbert, offstage, provides the voice for Fabio, and it's booming and sultry as ever.

Here are the seven things we love most about this collaboration:

1. The Wig

That wig. That goddamn wig. They couldn't have gotten a more accurate, lion-colored hair piece if they had shaved it off of Fabio himself. Oddly enough, it does not look... totally wrong on Carrell.

2. The Chest Hair

We've seen Carrell's chest hair in movies, but something about his bare chest paired with the Fabio wig just makes his the hair seem so much more abundant... and luscious? IDK. This video is clouding my brain with its greatness. Am I attracted to Carrell's chest hair?

3. Colbert's Voiceover

So smooth, so sultry, so perfect for voicing Fabio-esque mantras like, "I believe a cream rinse is a gift from god."

4. That Guy

You know which guy I mean. The man who's holding the huge box fan up to Carrell to make him even more glam.

5. The Showmanship

The spotlight. The drama. The hunkiness.

6. Those Pants

Carrell wears Fabio's signature high waisted sort of fancy trouser pants, which don't seem fitting for any occasion besides rescuing a harlequin heroine on a steed. I wish he'd had a flowing unbuttoned white shirt.

7. The Kiss

That was such a sweet kiss goodbye. Are you in love with Carrell yet?

Check out the video below.

Image: YouTube (7)