Kanye West Sure Likes The Word "Awesome"

Everyone, listen up! Kanye West's new song is titled "Awesome" and wait for it... it's reportedly about Kim Kardashian. Now, I get that "Awesome" is the song title. Really, I'm all for things being meta and am a personal fan of Kool-Aid manning the fourth wall — but O.M.G., Yeezus, enough. As Entertainment Weekly so aptly points out, "It seems like West of all people should know that 'awesome' is completely played out, and that the only people who use it anymore are tech bros and TV ad copywriters." They then go on to say, "...The recording surfaced on the Internet, and it does seem to be a slow jam about Kim that refers to her as “awesome” on almost every line." So, yeah. This is what we're working with here, people.

I won't lie and say that I don't use the word "awesome" all the time, because I do. I guess that just makes me an antiquated fossil at this point in my life. But, even though I'm a fan of the word, I sure as hell wouldn't write a song with it being as prominent as it is in West's. I think maybe we just need to help the poor guy out. He's simply trying to write a love letter to his wife and is unable to express just how great she is. If you want to get a feel for it yourself, you can listen to it below:

As I was browsing through the lyrics, I counted that the word "awesome" is used 10 times. So, in honor of that, here are 10 other words that could replace it — because I'm here for you in a thesaurus type of way, Ye. Well, that is if Ye lets me and gives his stamp of approval...


No, not feeling it? That's cool.


I was a bit iffy on this one myself.


I take it this one is a keeper, look at those pearly chompers beaming.


Alright, I suppose this one was sort of uninspired.


Eh? Eh?!


This will just go discretely back in the bag with "great" and "brilliant."


I'm trying, work with me.


Oh, come on. That one was good!


You don't have to be so sassy about it, yeez.


Oh you like that one, don't ya?