Lucious Drops A Major Family Bombshell

by Keertana Sastry

Welp Empire fans. We probably should have seen this coming from approximately 70000 miles away, and yet it still caught me by surprise. On Wednesday night's episode, extremely appropriately titled "Sins of the Father," Lucious revealed that he was Lola's father. Yes, that Lola. The adorable little daughter of Raven-Symone's Olivia. The very same Olivia who was once forcibly married to Jamal. Basically that means that Lucious forced his son to marry his mistress. Just marinate on the horrible-ness of that for a little while.

Good? Yea, it took me a while too. The reveal didn't exactly come out of nowhere. In fact, if he didn't feel like he had to do it, I doubt Lucious would have come clean to the whole family anytime soon. Olivia suddenly appeared back on the series on Wednesday night just as it seemed like she was getting ready to leave forever: She was about to get on a bus out of the city, but was stopped when a very sketchy man forced her to go find and get Lola back. It seemed at first that this man, whose name we find out later is Reg, has a very creepy and dangerous relationship with both Olivia and Lola. And we soon find out that Reg is the "monster" Lola talks about who is giving her nightmares, which means he could very easily be abusing her but we never officially get that confirmation. Ok this guy is officially the worst human.

When Reg confronts the Lyon family about getting Lola (and Olivia) back, he threatens Jamal as he considers Jamal to be a threat himself since he was Olivia's husband and Lola's supposed father. And while Jamal pushes Reg to pull the trigger all in service of protecting his daughter, Lucious sticks his neck into the mix in service of protecting his son and drops the big bombshell to Reg: "I put the baby in her," he says oh so eloquently.

First of all, gross. Lucious sucks even if he is trying to protect his sons. Secondly, gross. Ok moving past it now.

At the end of the whole ordeal, after Reg is shot down by Malcolm, he turns to his family and just says "What are you looking at? I just saved your ass." Yeah, because that's why you do it. For the acknowledgment and so that they'll just casually forget all of the horrible things you've done to them in your entire life.

The worst part about the incident is that when Jamal says goodbye to Lola as she's taken away by her mother, Olivia does nothing to deny the story. She says Lola could be his daughter. But then adds "Probably not." Wow. Just wow guys. It's truly unfortunate that after all this time Jamal and the rest of the family spent bonding with Lola — I mean I can't even talk about Jamal and Hakeem's adorable bedtime song for Lola — it turns out that Lucious' horribleness has reared its ugly head onto Jamal's one bright light.

I can't even imagine what the series will do next but I genuinely hope that Lucious will have his share of punished. He certainly deserves it.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; dailyempire-gifs, redorkulous/Tumblr