'Hemlock Grove' Gets Renewed — But Does Anyone Want to See It?

Eli Roth's TV horror offering, Hemlock Grove, has been renewed for a second season. But it's difficult to understand why. The series, hot off the heels of the acclaimed House of Cards, disappointed critics and viewers alike, earning almost universally poor reviews.

And, beyond the stomach-churning werewolf transformation scene, there was little buzz surrounding the series. But Netflix might know something we don't — though the streaming service doesn't release ratings, CEO Reed Hastings told reporters the first few episodes of Hemlock Grove out-performed House of Cards. (Of course, Hemlock Grove has unofficial lead-in House of Cards chatter to thank for that.)

Still, it's easy to imagine drop-off for the series was significant, and following the tepid response to Netflix's Arrested Development reboot, viewer trust has decreased significantly. Making an effort to produce a new quality series would have made sense for Netflix — after the snooze of Season 1, does anyone want to return to Hemlock Grove?

Image: Netflix