On 'American Horror Story: Coven', Which Witch is Jessica Lange Going To Kill?

After the premiere of American Horror Story: Coven co-creator Ryan Murphy revealed that Jessica Lange's aging Supreme witch Fiona would kill one of the witches in the third episode. Now that episode two, "Boy Parts" has finished airing, there's no better time than now to figure out Murphy's mysterious clue.

In his cryptic interview with Vulture, Murphy refused to confirm whether or not we'd already met the witch with a grim fate, but he did say that "[Fiona] doesn’t want to give up being the Supreme. She thinks she’s figured out who’s next in line, and that person pays."

Now, with so many witches already running around Louisiana, it would come as something of a shock for AHS to introduce a brand new witch in episode three just so Jessica Lange could kill her. That leaves the lady of the house Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), newbie Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), brat and former movie star Madison (Emma Roberts), human voodoo doll Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), the clairvoyant Adelaide (Jamie Brewer), and Zoe's new witch pal Misty (Lily Rabe). The doomed witch has to be one of these ladies. But witch one will it be? (Sorry. I promise that's the first and only time I do that.) Follow along as we go through each supernaturally talented lady's chances.


Besides the fact that Paulson's witch with a green thumb is Fiona's daughter, and a character destined for numerous heated discussions with the series indisputable star, Cordelia has zero chance of being the woman on the chopping block because we already know she's not the Supreme meant to follow Fiona. And she's not too happy about it, either.


Fiona won't be turning her jealousy on Zoe anytime soon, because as we saw in "Boy Parts" Fiona is convinced that Zoe is a complete idiot and one deficient witch. There's no way the story will have her switch gears this soon. It's too interesting to have Zoe fighting for the approval of Lange's sinister witch.


While I'd like to think these characters are well-drawn enough to merit Fiona's jealousy, the fact is they're little more than comedic bookends at this point. Perhaps as the season draws on they'll become more interesting, but for now, they're ensemble players and no one worth taking vengeance upon.


This little lady has more potential than all the other young witches combined. We've already witnessed Fiona losing her cool with Madison after the bus crash and it's clear she sees strength in the young witch. Madison is a famous young actress, which could make a woman who's spent her life hanging out with Shirley McClaine and bedding rock stars jealous. It's possible that Fiona could see power in her and strike to eliminate it, but while Madison can clearly use her powers easily and often, she's more misguided than all-powerful. After all, it wasn't even her spell that brought Franken-Kyle back to life — it was Zoe's life-giving kiss.

If Fiona does kill Roberts' Madison, it will be a shame to see the actress go so soon; she's found her perfect role on AHS. It will also be a shame to watch Fiona fall victim to vanity, because as we've established, Madison's not quite powerful enough to threaten Fiona just yet.


The Stevie Nicks worshiper is the witch we saw being burned alive in the season premiere and by episode two, she's working her way to becoming Zoe's confidant in the unfamiliar witchy world. Hidden away in her own cabin on the Bayou, Misty hoards natural remedies (like the one she uses to heal Kyle's oozing seams) and doles out knowledge to the doe-eyed Zoe. She's being set up as a rival witch spirit guide for Zoe, who's still not sure who she can trust. This woman is far more threatening that any of the other witches we've met.

Plus, there's the element of regeneration. Misty died in episode one and now she's back. Who's to say that Fiona won't kill her, only to have her regenerate again and become a season-long pain in the Supreme's side. That would accomplish two things: Fiona would have her kill, Lily Rabe would continue being incredible for the rest of the season.

Even if I'm wrong, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this option would be kind of incredible, but I apologize ahead of time if I'm right and this article serves as a premonitory spoiler. I assure you my power's not all that strong, so please refrain from going all Jessica Lange on me if it does. Please and thank you.

Image: FX