Arya Stark's Getting a Makeover On 'GoT'

by Rosie Narasaki

First Sansa does her epic Pokémon evolution-like turn into Dark Sansa, and now Arya gets a makeover too? Who knew Game of Thrones had so much in common with The Princess Diaries and Pretty Woman? Jokes aside, her new look (which we got a sneak peek of back in January), is pretty darn awesome... and for fans of her wandering warrior look, don't despair: She still looks every bit as badass as she used to, just with clean hair and a Braavosi skirt.

When the designs first previewed back in January, Maisie Williams herself joked about having "clean hair that actually moves" (she's ditching her trademark unwashed locks for sleek mini-buns that fall somewhere on the spectrum between Princess Leia and Miley Cyrus), and she revealed that her new makeover made her all but unrecognizable on set — it is a pretty radical shift, after all. Now, in favor of the androgynous brown garb she used to wear, she's now dressing pretty darn flashy, in a delicately woven blouse paired with a net-like shrug, fingerless gloves (because you know she's still going to be doing some fighting), and a swingy, emerald green skirt. Let's take a look at her transformation:

Pretty epic, right? It's going to be fun to see just what new levels of scariness that Ms. Stark's going to get up to in Braavos — because we all know that there's more than just a fashion makeover going on here. Arya's likely getting a character makeover (or, like her older sister, a Pokémon evolution) as well. Plus, let's look at bonus images of her goofing off with her half-brother!

The only thing that could make me more excited for Arya's Season 5 arc would be if she and Jon actually crossed paths. It'll happen someday... hopefully.

Images: Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO; Twitter