CW Cuts Female Masturbation from 'Reign' But Airs Much Worse

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The CW, who touts their programming as "TV to talk about" cut a female masturbation scene from the series premiere of the period drama based on Mary queen of Scots, Reign. The scene features Mary and her ladies in waiting watch a bedding ceremony -- you know that thing where royals made sure other royals consummated their marriages. Kenna, one of the ladies in waiting, is so turned on, she has to excuse herself to release the tension (think Marnie in Season One of Girls escaping to the bathroom to masturbate after first meeting Booth). The scene was cut down to a few seconds of Kenna simply touching an area over her skirt, though the original version was more graphic. In the aired version, Kenna is interrupted by the King of France who asks, “May I?” and they go off and have sex. Because, you know, you can’t show a woman having sex with herself, but you sure can show a man taking her.

It would have been interesting to see how the CW could have added to the current conversation about female sexuality on television. It was actually a bit of a surprise considering the network has a long history of airing material that is way less suitable for television than female masturbation. Here’s our list of CW’s shocking TV moments.

Warning: Slideshow contains graphic images NSFW

Image: Reign, CBS Television Studios

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