Who's The Better High-Fashion Barbie?

by Rosie Narasaki

Is Barbie having a major resurgence, or what? Between Jeremy Scott's pink-pink-pink Barbie-inspired collection for Moschino and the capsule collections at Wildfox Couture, Forever 21 and Lord & Taylor, it seems like she's everywhere these days, especially on the pages of our magazines. She'll always be a happily nostalgic topic in my book (my favorite Barbie had quite terrifying pink, yellow, and orange hair, how about yours?), so I'm happy about the Barbie Renaissance — and I couldn't have been more delighted when fashion genius Anna Dello Russo revealed her Barbie editorial starring Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Vogue Japan. To me, it was the height of Barbie chic, and I thought there was simply no dethroning Ms. Huntington-Whitely from her rightful Barbie throne... until Paris Hilton hit the pages of ODDA Magazine, dressed in the very best from Scott's Moschino collection, no less.

It's a tough face-off, to be sure: Both ladies already look like Barbie-esque to start with, and the makeup in both cases is completely spot on (dramatic false eyelashes and glossy hot pink lips sound about right?). Plus, the styling's pretty superlative — Paris wears a silver-spangled pink ruffled number, while Rosie was styled as several different Barbies (from lifeguard Barbie to pageant Barbie). Let's take a look:


Paris has got the Barbie look down.


No words. Except "uncanny," that is.

What do you think? Paris definitely gets extra points for that fabulous pink Moschino confection of a dress and a better Barbie pout (her lips look a tad more exaggerated and overdrawn than Rosie's, which is pitch-perfect for the look), but for me, Rosie wins this particular face-off. After all, she's a professional model who completely nailed all the doll-like posing and dead eyes.