9 Anna Dello Russo's Fall 2015 Fashion Month Outfits Resemble, From Statue of Liberty To Grizzly Bear

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Much like the Halloween die-hards start planning their costumes on November 1st, Anna Dello Russo probably has her fashion week outfits all charted out many months in advance. The fact that most of her outfits basically always stick to a theme doesn't hurt with the comparison either. This fashion month, the Vogue Japan Editor at Large didn't disappoint. Anna Dello Russo's fashion week outfits from the Fall 2015 shows were all gloriously bonkers, and looked predictably like high-fashion Halloween costumes. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Let's take a look to see what various things Dello Russo came to Fashion Month dressed as. One day she was a grizzly bear. Another she looked like a bear. Still another, she looked like a very tan Statue of Liberty. One could never claim that the fashionista is boring, that's for sure.

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