Victoria Beckham Is Revamping Her Shades Line

Victoria Beckham is rarely seen without her scowl or her oversized sunglasses, the latter of which are a protective shield. The pop star cum designer has inarguably found her niche in fashion and spares no expense. Victoria Beckham is revamping her sunglasses range, hiring new manufacturers to upgrade her shades.

VB's eyewear offerings have been available since 2009, but now she is trying out other teams and will work with lens producer Zeiss as part of the changes. Beckham told WWD that she wants to "evolve existing styles and develop new pieces." She plans to expand while using the best materials and techniques at her disposal, and that's great news for her customer base.

The first set of new shades will be a capsule collection of aviators with colorful Zeiss lenses. Barneys will sell the sunnies, which start at $550 for basic styles — wait, that's a price for something basic???!!!! — and go up to $1,255 for an 18-karat gold pair of aviators. Expect to see the new glasses in September.

Okay, so a pair of $1,300 sunglasses from Beckham is not exactly a shock. Luxe and glam are her signatures. She currently sells a pair of gold aviators with a leather brow bar that go for a cool $1,100 and are pictured below.

I have a Jackie O. level of commitment to huge sunglasses, and follow the philosophy that "I can see out but you can't see in" when it comes to shades, so I'm excited to see where VB goes with her sunnies.

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If you can't shell out that much loot for a pair of sunglasses that you could easily lose or sit on, leading to total destruction (both scenarios that have happened to me with pricy shades), then here are some ultra cool brands I love that won't break the bank. They are just as fashion forward, but way edgier and more affordable.

1. Valley Eyewear

This is my new fave brand, which I unearthed via an Instagram post last year, before Kat Von D. start hawking 'em. The Aussie company has lots of matte frames with mirrored lenses and odd shapes, like these Wolves, which I get complimented on daily.

This is the Spleen frame, which I am totally rocking this spring. The unique shape is what I love most. The glasses are also super affordable; last week, I ordered two fresh pairs for less than $300 and they arrived in New Jersey in just three days. Valley Eyewear for the win!

2. House of Harlow

Nicole Richie's House of Harlow brand also offers some amazing sunglasses with unusual frames and materials.

I love this extreme vintage-y cat eye pair.

And this pair has a matte, snakeskin style fabric and texture. I told you I was a sunglasses junkie. House of Harlow certainly feeds the addiction.

3. Ray-Bans

If odd shapes aren't your thing and you want to go with a pair of aviators without going into unjustifiable debt for a VB pair, then trusty Ray-Bans are always a good option. They may not be a "sexy" or mega luxe name, but the glasses are on point and that's really ALL that matters.

These blue lenses and gold frames are must-own for summer. Poke around the Ray-Ban site and you will not be disappointed.

So there are some options for outta this world sunglasses that are stylish and won't pinch your wallet.

Images: Amy Sciarretto/Instagram (4); Ray-Ban (1); Victoria Beckham (1); Getty (1)