Is Kim Kopying A Pop Star That's Not Madonna?

Kim Kardashian's white hot, bright blonde hair continues to be a subject we can't dismiss. And it's not without its controversy beyond "OMFG, do you love or hate it?" Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa claims that Kim Kardashian's stylists are trolling her Instagram feed, taking inspiration from her platinum locks and tight ensembles.

The singer has been slaying Eastern Europe with her music for two decades and over 10 albums, according to Us Weekly, however, she is a relative unknown in the States. Karleusa told Us Weekly that "I think [Kim's] stylists are inspired by my IG page, not her." The singer prides herself on the fact that she does not rely on stylists, creating outfits her own damn self, without the assistance of a team.

Here's the tricky part, though. Kim has admitted that another, much more famous pop star was the inspo for this look — Madonna.

One can't deny the similarities between Karleusa (whose first name is the same portmanteau as one of my favorite former celeb couples...) and Kardashian. Both have "K" last names and sort of resemble Karl Lagerfeld with their respective shocks of white-blonde hair. And then there's the fact that they both like to post lots and lots of seductive selfies.

In fact, Karleusa has actually been posting side-by-side shots of herself alongside Kardashian to demonstrate how much they look alike. It's like an Instagram-specific version of those "Who Wore It Best?" features where fashion outlets love to pit one starlet against another when they wear the same thing.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is there any possibility that maybe they just have the same aesthetic of pouring their frames into body con frocks that show lots of cleavage, along with sky high, strappy heels? Of course! It's not the most original look of all time (despite what Kanye might believe).

But the notion that Kim's glam squad thinks that they can sneakily mine the fashion underground and not get caught kribbing from someone else's style? That's a distinct possibility, too.

I personally believe that the two ladies just happen to have similar looks and that it's all a matter of coincidence.


Here's my take. I admit, the resemblance is very visible and is almost uncanny. But this type of bombshell look has been employed for years, from Marilyn Monroe (in a more classic sense, obviously) to Jenna Jameson.

It's not a unique look. Jelena and Kim just have the same point of view. So can we, like, move on? Besides, we all know Kim will be back to brown by April.

Images: Jelena Karleusa/Instagram (3); Getty (2)