The Man In The H&R Block Ads Is The Real Deal

Allow me to paint a picture: You’re minding your own beeswax, only somewhat paying attention to your TV during a commercial break... and that's when something catches your eye. The phrase “Actor Portrayal” pops up at the bottom of the screen. The man singing the toothpaste’s praises is not an actual dentist, the woman singing the foot cream’s praises has never touched that foot cream, and so on. Where are the real people!?! Is everyone an actor? Is everything a lie?!?!?! If you're skeptical of every "expert" or "happy customer" featured in a commercial, get ready to have your world rocked: The man in the H&R Block ad campaign imploring the US of A to get its billions back this tax season is not an actor. Richard Gartland is a tax preparer who works at H&R Block. A real-life tax expert who works at a real-life H&R Block. In real life.

In addition to dropping knowledge on TV and at his real-life desk at a real-life H&R Block, the green bow tie-wearing gent has shared lots of tax-related tips with The Huffington Post and participated in a Reddit AMA. Tax facts on facts on facts.

Get your billions of bow ties back, America:

Image: H&R Block/YouTube