Ansel Elgort Compares Turning 21 To A Pokemon Leveling Up & 20 More Reasons He’ll Always Be A Kid At Heart

Though Ansel Elgort may play a teen in his recent string of movies, he truly isn’t a kid any more. In fact, in an interview with MTV News, Ansel Elgort talked about his journey to impending adulthood, because if you didn’t know, he turns 21 on Saturday, March 14. So, here’s your chance to go out and get him a last second $25 gift card to Starbucks. You’re welcome.

The interview with MTV News is nerdy, hilarious, positively endearing, and may only be decipherable if you were a late 80's or 90's baby. Why? Well, because it has a lot to do with the fictional world of Pokemon that Elgort apparently studied quite closely. So closely, in fact, that he sort of totally lost the interviewer as he spoke. It's cool, though. I got the point you were trying to make, buddy. I used to have a binder full of laminated Pokemon cards, too.

You see, the Fault in Our Stars actor was merely trying to compare how leveling up in Pokemon is similar to his own personal coming of age. Being that he thinks he's a "man" now and all. Elgort said, "I’m like a Gyarados, but I didn't have the power yet. And I think now, at 21, I'm going to get more respect. I’m excited to be a man." But, despite being a man in the eyes of the law, Elgort will always be a kid at heart to us. And that’s what counts, doesn’t it?

After the video, check out the 21 pictures below in honor of his 21st birthday that prove he will always remain eternally youthful.

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21. He's a master at #uglyselfies

20. He somehow still gets excited about snow

19. He's a bit of a scaredy cat

18. Despite being in blockbuster movies, he still gets a kick out of this

17. And this as well

16. He yelped like this after completing the Ice Bucket Challenge

15. He still gets embarrassed of his mom

14. He purchased this cavity trap

13. He makes wonderfully silly puns

12. He's definitely still a class clown

11. He has a way with Snapchat... sorta

10. He lives dangerously

9. He could probably have fun in a paper bag

8. Actually...

7. He takes prawn selfies. Prawnies, if you will.

6. He's still got the same exact face

5. He likes to hang out... literally

4. He's a regular prankster


2. He has an enthusiastic spirit

1. Which brings us back to the main point: He, in all seriousness, compared himself to an antiquated, fictional anime character.

Happy birthday, you adorable nerd. Never change.

Images: Giphy (3); its-anselelgort/Tumblr (9)