Kevin Bacon's Egg Campaign Is Confusing & Will Leave You With Some Big Questions

Get ready to change the way you think about "wake up and smell the bacon" forever, because Kevin Bacon's Incredible Edible Egg campaign is here. The actor is shedding his "six degrees of separation" title to associate himself with breakfast, using his last name as the main part of a new American Egg Board campaign. The new set of online and print ads are filled with eggcelent puns, but also some suggestive videos that have him lying across a counter and flirting with a married woman. There's no denying that Bacon will always hold a special place in our hearts, but to me, he just doesn't have the sex appeal that John Stamos did in those Oikos commercials. Apparently sex sells in breakfast food as much as it does for anything else.

Although I appreciate a good pun as much as anyone — well, except Bacon, who says he hates them in his ads — I would rather see him dancing than whisking. This whole campaign is a bit confusing and left me scratching my head, especially when the print ad has him wearing a shirt with his face and two eggs on it. Check out the video below, then keep reading to see if you have as many questions as I do about this whole Bacon and eggs campaign.

1. Is This Supposed To Be A Sexy Ad?

Because seeing his face between two eggs while striking this pose is not doing anything for me.

2. Why Is Kevin Bacon Trying To Be Like John Stamos?

Sorry, but it just isn't the same.

3. Does Bacon Smell Like Actual Bacon?

That woman sure gets a good whiff, and he's not even phased by it. Will all the ads be this creepy?

4. How Does He Like His Eggs Cooked?

Pressing questions here. He seems to enjoy the scrambled life.

5. Will There Be Dancing?

Dancing and whisking at the same time is the ideal situation if we're going to make this bizarre campaign work.

6. Does Bacon Have The Power To Make A Husband & Wife Cheat?

It seems like both of them are equally charmed and in love with him by the end of the ad.

7. Will He Just Keep Awkwardly Dropping In Egg Facts?

There must be a more subtle, casual way to talk about the benefits of eggs. How about starting with how delicious they are and how you can't have brunch without them?

8. Does Kevin Bacon Really Hate Bacon Puns?

He shut them down, but this whole campaign is all about them.

9. Shouldn't Nick Offerman Be Doing These Ads?

Ron Swanson loves bacon and eggs much more than Kevin Bacon.

Images: American Egg Board/YouTube (6); Giphy (2)