Feel the Love With "Shevine" On 'The Voice'

How much do I love The Voice? Let me count the ways. I'm captivated by the moment a red chair turns around during the Blind Auditions and the thrill of the steal during the Battle Rounds. I enjoy all of Pharrell Williams' hats and the little squeal Christina Aguilera lets out when she gets the singer she wants. But most of all, I adore the bromance/rivalry between singers Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. They banter, they quip, they team up, they kiss (literally, sometimes) and make up in truly hilarious (and weird) ways. Shelton and Levine are the real emotional rollercoaster of The Voice and I'm glad I'm along for the ride.

It's hard not to love 'em and I know I'm not alone. There's a whole "Shevine" (Shelton and Levine) shipper movement that's even supported by The Voice itself ... the show is definitely using "#Shevine" with its social media posts. That's when you know a pairing is totally legit. Who knew a country singer from Oklahoma and a Los Angeles rocker would wind up being the most entertaining duo on The Voice? Their on-stage and off-stage antics are truly what makes the NBC reality show a must-see twice a week.

Missed some of Shevine's classic moments or want to relive them? Here are TK of the best moments from Shelton and Levine's epic bromance.

1. When Shelton Sassed Levine

2. When They Hugged

3. When They Have Literally Kissed and Made Up

4. When They Kissed and Made Up Again

5. All the Random Kisses, Really

6. When Levine Broke Shelton's Chair

7. When Levine Sat On Shelton's Lap

8. When Levine Called Shelton "One of His Best Friends"


9. When Levine Said This

10. The Zingers They Dish Out to Each Other

11. And the Flirting

12. When Shelton Helped Levine to the Ice Bucket Challenge

13. This Fist Bump

14. This Booty Pat

15. This Exchange

I can't wait to see where this bromance heads next.

Images: Trae Patton/NBC (2); Giphy (10)