'Mean Girls' Jonathan Bennett's Next Gig Is Hosting a New MTV Singing Competition

If Jonathan Bennett and I got married, neither of us would feel any societal pressure to change our last name. Not related to this story at all, just a thought. Anyway, the former. Mr. Cady Heron is making a comeback of sorts: Jonathan Bennett's signed on as the host of MTV's Copycat . Grool!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, who first reported the news, Copycat is a signing competition brought to us by The Bachelor's Mike Fleiss, "features singers battling it out on stage in a bid to sound like their favorite recording artists. The studio audience will vote on each performance, with winners walking away with a cash prize and the title of the "Ultimate Copycat."

It pretty much sounds like an exercise in unoriginality, but like we said, it's pretty grool that we'll get to look at Bennett's face some more. It'll probably also unmask some pretty good vocal impersonators, a la Christina Bianco.

On top of playing the perpetually dreamy Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, Bennett is known for his role in the Amanda Bynes movie Lovewrecked, Jessica Simpson acting attempt Dukes of Hazard, and Cheaper By the Dozen.

Sadly, he will still be too far away for him to tell if our face smells like peppermint.