Rachel's NY Decision Gets Help From An Old Flame

by Keertana Sastry

She made the right choice. People can argue all they like and complain that Rachel is wasting a golden opportunity by turning down a lead role on Broadway, but on Friday night when Rachel finally chose to say no to a lead role in Russell Simmons' newest Broadway musical, she proved for good that Rachel has grown wiser than ever before and isn't bound or doomed to make her previous mistakes. In fact, she is finally going to be smart and make decisions based on what was right for her future onstage and beyond. And the best part of the decision-making process, that we were able to get the welcomed return of Jesse St. James who helped Rachel make her New York-bound decision, whether he agreed with it or not.

Much of this last season has been leading up to Friday night's big moment when Rachel finally figure out how she would make her big inevitable and triumphant return to New York. And it could have been so easy for her to just take the easy way out and come back with supposed redemption in Russell Simmons' show. It would have been even easier because Jesse St. James was playing the lead opposite Rachel's potential character, so he was obviously selfishly hoping Rachel would take the job. But it was never going to happen. Rachel's friends and family knew how hard leaving NYADA ended up being for Rachel, from what we saw that TV sitcom was just the worst, and they just couldn't stand by without voice their opinions about making sure Rachel understood what her decision would mean in the long run.

It was a tough choice for Rachel obviously, and turning down a starring role on Broadway is a huge decision. But it's exciting to see how much Rachel has grown and is now willing to learn about the field in which she wants to excel for the rest of her life. There's no doubt in my mind that she'll continue to get better and better in the rest of her time at NYADA.

And regardless of where she is, Broadway or school, Jesse was glad Rachel would be coming back to New York City in general as the pair shared a kiss and talked about what they could potentially do once back in New York together. So I guess that's just the end of Sam and Rachel then? I mean, I understand that the Jesse/Rachel chemistry is great, but I was actually enjoying seeing Rachel and Sam interact and was starting to get on board with them potentially becoming a couple. But I guess Rachel's dream and fate was to always be in New York and in the spotlight. What better person is there to share it with, at least for a while, than Jesse? Rachel, we're excited to have you back in New York City. You've been missed.

Images: Eddy Chen/FOX; la-tua-stella/Tumblr