New Directions Wins Sectionals On 'Glee,' Ensuring Their Place At McKinley Forever, And Sue May Have Secretly Helped

Was anyone really worried about this outcome? Throughout the years of Glee, the New Directions have always been underdogs, the odd ones out, the ones fighting for the chance for acceptance and the right to do what they love. They've had to fight too hard for people of their ages to see their beloved glee club just stay intact and they've lost a few times along the way. But when Season 6 was announced to be the final season and when we all found out that the New Directions would be reborn and fight once again to have a place at McKinley High, I wasn't worried for the future. It seemed obvious to me that they would finally make it. And on Friday night's episode "We Built This Glee Club," that's precisely what happened as the New Directions competed against the now Sue Sylvester-coached Vocal Adrenaline and beat them, securing their place at McKinley. But of course their hard work had to be undermined at least a little, as Sue tried to convince Will that this was her plan when she took the Vocal Adrenaline coaching job.

As per usual, the first test of the New Directions' resolve and bravery came immediately when the kids started fighting over how to beat Vocal Adrenaline (seriously, is this a theme of every competition?), and ended with the New Directions voting to send Roderick and Spencer to the back to be hidden thanks to their terrible dance moves. Danceability or no, Roderick is too good of a singer to ever be hidden in the back, and he showed just that with his rendition of Hozier's "Take Me To Church" at competition.

The trials continued when Spencer sprained his ankle while rehearsing his dance moves, then progressed further when Sue sent the kids packages of timed glitter bombs, put eye drops in the McKinley High water system and set fire to Will's car. Guys, seriously. At this point, can't Will or Sheldon or someone, anyone have Sue arrested? Because while I'm not 100% on the legality of sending people timed glitter explosives, I do know destroying someone else's car is really bad in the eyes of the law.

Somehow despite all this torture and terror, not to mention everything she's done in the past of Glee, Sue was still considered someone of a hero, or t least her anger and bad moments weren't given as much as weight as she revealed to Will that everything she had done involving Vocal Adrenalin was actually as service. And somehow Will allows this to happen. But maybe he realizes something much quicker than i: In the end, it doesn't matter who said what, they alll go a chance for the golden egg.

Images: Tyler Golden/FOX; gleeonfox/Tumblr