7 Brilliant Nap Hacks That Will Change Everything

by Jamie Kenney

Truly, there are few greater pleasures in this world than a nap. Remember being little and fighting your parents or teachers over taking a nap? Dudes: What were we thinking? What was so damn important at the time that we wanted to skip our naps to do it? My own 3-year-old gets pissy about his nap most days and it blows my damn mind. It's like he's rubbing in my face the fact that I can't take one. Some days, I'm convinced he does this entirely out of spite. Because, I'm sorry, but what about this don't you like? The fluffy pillow? The warm blankets? The soothing ocean sounds playing on your white noise machine? The energizing rush you will feel after a peaceful slumber? Kid! I am offering you the greatest gift one human being can give to another and you're basically throwing it on the floor and spitting on it. The luxuries of youth are wasted on the young.

Nowadays, I would give just about anything for a daily nap, so Buzzfeed's "Nap Hacks You Need in Your Life" video is right in my wheelhouse. That said, the hacks can basically be broken down into two categories: "Oh wow! How interesting!" and "Ummm... no duh." Still, it provides some neat (and obvious) tips to make the most of this increasingly rare indulgence.

"Duh, Everyone Knows That" Tips

Okay, to be fair, sometimes the most obvious behaviors escape us, so it's nice to have a quick reminder, but still...

"Slightly Less Obvious But Makes Sense Now That You Mention It" Tips

Okay, so this comes into play when it comes to their time rules:

10 to 20 minutes boosts energy and alertness

60 minutes boosts remembering new information

90 minutes boosts memory and creativity

You've likely noticed all of these things on your own, but I think it's pretty neat to see it all laid out here. Need a quick pick me up before you have to go about your day? Prop yourself up and go for a 15-minute power nap! Have a little while before your next class? Take an hour to recharge your batteries. About to undertake an important project? Lie down and take a 90-minute trip to Snoozeville. (Can I do all of those naps back-to-back, please?)

Then there are the...

"Okay, I Really Did Not Know That" Tips

These foods might help you fall asleep faster! So if warm milk isn't your speed, you now have some options. Of course I'm thinking "What if you mixed oatmeal with milk and then put almonds and cherries in it?" At that point, you're kind of playing God, right?

This was by far the coolest one and is specifically tailored to those 10-20 minute naps I mentioned earlier. Because caffeine takes between 15 and 20 minutes to metabolize (which you have doubtless noticed first thing in the morning as you sit down with your cuppa and wait for your drink to take effect), drinking coffee before your nap won't affect a quick power nap and when you wake up you will have a double boost of energy from the combination of the two activities.

Enjoy the full video below, and may the sleep gods bless you with many opportunities to try these hacks for yourself.

Images: Buzzfeed/YouTube(7), Giphy