Looking For Places To Stay For SXSW? Craigslist Has Some Interesting Ideas If You're Willing To Be A Little...Creative — PHOTOS

If you don't have accommodations for the SXSW music festival in Austin, time to find a place to rest your music-going head is running out quickly, but your quest is not hopeless. You might have to settle for some less-than-luxurious surroundings, and possibly be willing to share, or even go a little more rustic than your typical vacation, but fear not: The wonderful weirdos of Craigslist have you covered, and, for most of these listings, given what an absolutely chaotic zoo SXSW can be, they'll probably have takers in no time.

It looks like the Daily Dot found what is probably the winner of the sarcastic-but-not-really SXSW listing: Basically it was a mattress in the woods. The listing has since been removed from Craigslist (boo), but the seller's sales pitch was on point (and even listed the "rental" as "wheelchair-accessible"):

Awesome large space to rent for SXSW.. close to downtown .. catch all the action and live like a local!! This space has ambiance and character.. If you want this space let me know only $1200 for the whole event

Just look at this glorious sleeping space:

Man, so sorry we're all going to miss out on that one.

But fear not, last-minute travelers, there are other options out there for you SXSW visitors. Some of them sound a little sketchy, and others sound a little crowded, but if you're determined to party with Austin's coolest crowds, and are the adventurous sort, you'll be able to find something that fits your feeds. For instance, how about a dome home? It's a little steep at $9,000, but it has five bedrooms.

If you're traveling solo and you're not a "square," this listing, just 10 minutes from downtown Austin, might work for you: The bargain price of $150 per couch per night gets you space in one of two separate RVs, one of which has another female occupant, but with access to nice outdoor showers, apparently. Specifically, though: "No squares." Don't even think about it, SpongeBob.

This renter of a sofa bed for one, possibly two people, wonders (rightly) why you procrastinated, but will give preference to anyone who can juggle, sing, cook, design, growth hack, or recommend good books.

Then there are the less-quirky-more-creepy listings, where you may have to adjust standards and expectations. Feeling like this food truck stand is probably not optimal lodging, but hey, maybe you're into it. The listing notes that a 24-inch trailer will fit in this spot, "ideally the window is on drivers side." Uh, yeah.

It may be cutting it close to try to get in on SXSW festivities this year, despite the abundance of serious and less-than-serious listings on Craigslist. But it's never too late to start planning for next year.

Images: Craigslist (6)