Watch Joe Biden Do A Million Bicep Curls

It's been a long, long, long winter, but within weeks it'll be time to step outside in a tank top — which means it's also time to think about your spring workout plan. If you're looking for some fresh toning tips, just take some friendly advice from Vice President Joe Biden, the executive branch's resident workout freak. According to an exclusive VP workout video, Biden does one million bicep curls per day. One. Million.

The White House posted a video on its official Vine account showing the loveable vice president kicking back in his office chair, casually talking with world leaders as he smoothly performs a string of bicep curls. "I do a million of these a day," Biden says to the camera, never stopping his perfect arm curls. "So just give me five."

As it turns out, this wasn't just any ordinary day in the Biden office. Friday marked the fifth anniversary of first lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign, which strives to promote healthier lives for kids. To celebrate five years of eating and exercising right, Obama launched the "Give Me Five" campaign last month. That's "give me five" as in, "give me five reps of your favorite workout."

For Biden, that's five bicep curls. No big deal.

The "Give Me Five" campaign is like a healthier version of the ALS ice bucket challenge: You do five reps of your workout, then pass it on to the next person. Obama went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday to demonstrate the challenge with Ellen DeGeneres. They also showed off their moves alongside Twitch and Travis Wall of So You Think You Can Dance fame.

In February, Obama also challenged Ryan Seacrest and Beyoncé to "give me five." But back to the really story: Biden. His bicep curling has so far garnered a bigger response than Seacrest and Beyoncé — an admirable feat.

And, it's all in a day's work for the vice president.

"A million arm curls later," Biden challenged Julia Louis-Dreyfus, aka fictional veep Selina Meyer, to take the "Give Me Five" challenge. What will be Selina's workout of choice? And most importantly, will Christopher Meloni be a part of it?

Image: Getty Images