Celebrate Pi Day With TV's Best Pie Moments

March 14 is a wonderful day in the world as it represents Pi Day (3/14), the day worth celebrating because the date matches the first three numbers of the mathematical representation of a circle's circumference to its diameter — 3.14. And while many people — especially children — should appreciate the day's mathematical magic, it's also fun to celebrate the day with another magic: The magic of food. Specifically, pie. The two things are close enough in spelling that it totally counts. But before you all go out and start buying all the pie in your area (mostly because it will most certainly be my plan now and I don't want there to be a shortage), why don't we all celebrate the day with some pie remembrance? These are some of the best pie moments on television.

There were a lot of pie-related scenes and jokes from various television shows from which to choose because if you haven't noticed, the whole "pie in the face" trope is huge on TV. I don't know why but it's just always funny to see someone get a pie thrown in their face. I don't fully understand the psychology behind that, because pie is delicious and it's a shame to waste it... But I digress. For now, let's just enjoy this educational and delicious day with these great TV pie moments.

Three's Company: "The Bake-Off" (1979)

When Chrissy accidentally eats the pie that Jack was going to enter into a statewide competition, high jinks ensue when she tries to substitute her own creation. Classic pie high jinks. Just what every show needs at some point or another.

Pushing Daisies: Most Episodes (2007–2009)

If you have yet to see Pushing Daisies, put your pie-buying plans on hold and go start immediately. The wonderful series, which was sadly cancelled before its time, follows Ned, a pie maker who also has the ability to bring people back from the dead — but, of course, with consequences. As Ned makes pies for a living at his shop, The Pie-Hole, viewers were constantly given glimpses into the making of pies, and without fail, it always looked delicious.

Parks and Recreation: "Bus Tour" (2012)

Someone was attempting to throw a pie at Leslie during her campaigning for City Counselor, and hit Jerry instead. But don't worry, the mystery was solved thanks to the fantastic work of the best damn FBI agent around, Burt Macklin. And Burt figures out that there is more to the pie and its intended target than meets the eye.

Psych: "Dual Spires" (2010)

In this hilarious episode of Psych that pays a huge homage to Twin Peaks, Shawn and Gus visit the town of Dual Spires for a Cinnamon Festival and later end up solving a murder. Psych always has hilarious food-related jokes and moments, but this homage to Twin Peaks and Agent Dale Cooper's love of coffee and pie is the best.

Twin Peaks: Coffee & Pie (Many Episodes) (1990–1991)


I Love Lucy: "The Diner" (1954)

It's Lucy at her best, as per usual. In this episode, Ricky and Lucy open a diner with Frank and Ethel, but things get a little tense between the couples. Naturally, a food fight ensues, which includes pies, because it is most certainly the best way to solve food business problems. No seriously, wouldn't that be awesome?

Mickey Mouse Club: "Pie Thrower's Anonymous" (1995)

Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera get pies to the face, courtesy of JC Chasez. Need I say more?

Images: NBC (screenshot); Giphy.com