'Scream Queens' Is Undergoing A Major Recasting

While generally the idea of completely recasting a major role in a television series is a big deal whether or not the show is yet on the air, I have to say, in this case, it doesn't seem like it will be an issue: According to Us Weekly, Joe Manganiello has left Ryan Murphy's upcoming Scream Queens due to scheduling conflicts with promoting his role in Magic Mike XXL, meaning his role as a series regular with stars like Lea Michele and Emma Roberts has been recast. Luckily, though, the recasting sounds promising — Nashville star Oliver Hudson has taken Manganiello's place in the role.

Hudson, who's best-known as Jeff Fordham in Nashville (and as Kate Hudson's brother/legendary actress Goldie Hawn's son) will take on Manganiello's role in filming, which is well under way in New Orleans. No word yet on what the role Hudson is taking over actually is, but, as Us Weekly points out, it's meant to be opposite Michele and it's billed as a male lead.

As previously reported, Scream Queens is a horror comedy set on a college campus in the midst of being struck with a string of gruesome murders. Considering Murphy's clear ability to rattle fans with his series American Horror Story, I have no doubt the plot will be as riveting as it is terrifying.

No word yet on a specific premiere date for Scream Queens, but it will be sometime later this year.