Mondo Guerra's Latest Eyewear Line Is Funky Fresh

by Augusta Statz

Project Runway All Stars winner and independent designer Mondo Guerra is known for his lovable quirky style and his undeniably gifted ability to mix and match prints like no other. On top of designing his own collections, Mondo Guerra first collaborated with SEE Eyewear in 2013. And now, he’s just launched his latest line with the brand. The frames he’s designed are funky and retro, but still modern. He’s definitely bringing something new to the eyewear industry, which is not surprising because he’s, well, Mondo!

SEE’s website showcases 13 different frames designed by Mondo, but the site also calls this a “tease” because they always have more merchandise in stores. So, we may only be getting a glimpse of the entire collection, but from what’s there, I already know I love it. He's always worn killer glasses, and I'm just so excited to be able to shop his look!

And there are options for everyone, no matter what you're into. Rounded frames, square frames, frames that are more minimal, frames that are going to make a statement, and, of course, patterns and glitter.

You can purchase sunglasses or regular glasses, and there are plenty of color options. You can go for a more classic tortoise shell option or go for a less traditional look with lavender or periwinkle. Personally, I’d like them all, I’m just trying to decide which would go best with my face shape … decisions, decisions.

Get a sneak peek into the collection:

Round Frames:

SEE Mondo Pepper, SEE

SEE Mondo Valerie, SEE

SEE Mondo Geraldine Sun, SEE

SEE Mondo Montez Sun, SEE

SEE Mondo Nucky Sun, SEE

Square Frames:

SEE Mondo Bernadette, SEE

See Mondo Morty, SEE

SEE Mondo JoJo Sun, SEE

SEE Mondo Bueno Sun, SEE

Check SEE’s website to find out if there’s a location near you and get your very own pair of stylish Mondo frames! For all you New Yorkers out there, Mondo’s at the SOHO store location today, so stop by and get the chance to meet him as you shop. Lucky!

Images: SEE Eyewear (9)