Will Gwyneth Paltrow Be On 'Girls'?

by Keertana Sastry

If Lena Dunham's power of persuasion and/or hopes and dreams can come true, then it's very possible that we will see Gwyneth Paltrow on Girls . At the Girls PaleyFest panel on Sunday, March 8, Dunham and fellow producer Jenni Konner stated that they would love to have the Oscar-winner on the series and that they'd be "very grateful" if she wanted to appear. Dunham's love for Paltrow is well-documented: The Girls creator recently Instagrammed a picture of a turkey chili made from Paltrow's cookbook. So if this blessed miracle could actually take place — provided Paltrow has time away from her own lifestyle projects and doing any of Ryan Murphy's projects (because let's be honest, she totally needs to appear on Scream Queens) — what role would Paltrow play?

I think it would be prudent for Dunham to write Paltrow a part similar to her role on Glee as Holly Holiday. Someone who tells it like it is, and can offer fun and important advice on life. And it would make the most sense for Paltrow to play someone who interacts mostly with Dunham, considering Dunham's love for the actress — in fact, I'd be genuinely surprised if she wrote Paltrow as a character that didn't share a storyline with Hannah.

Here's who Paltrow should totally play if she does end up guest-starring on Girls:

1. Hannah's Professor, Or A Teacher She Shadows

Recently, Hannah decided she wanted to go into and/or explore the idea of teaching. If that's the case, she obviously has to go back to school in order to get her teaching credentials. What if while Hannah starts this process, she comes across Paltrow as a teacher that she has to shadow or that she wants as her mentor? Or what if Paltrow plays her professor? Either way, Paltrow could be a huge impact on Hannah's life and give her some much needed life advice.

2. A Blogger/Lifestyle Business Entrepreneur

If Hannah doesn't actually go into teaching, maybe she meets a blogger/Goop-style entrepreneur who shows her a new way of becoming a household name. Though would Hannah actually have the discipline to work as hard as this style of journalism and business would require in order to hit the spotlight?

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Or she could play herself. It would make things easier and it could be really fun to see her play a weird version of herself like Neil Patrick Harris in the Harold & Kumar movies.

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