10 Fresh Spring Workout Essentials

by Lauren Turner

The end of winter means a lot of things. Most obviously it means the temperatures will rise, the snow will melt, and in about seven months, everyone will start complaining about how hot it is (again). It also means that those of you who lean toward outdoor workouts can return to your natural running ground. Of course, you'll have to pack away your thermal earmuffs, winter running leggings, and fleece zip-up first — you won't be needing them (yay!). But instead of just reaching into the back of your closet for last year's gear, why not freshen your wear up a bit with some of spring's most essential workout pieces?

Now I'm not talking about the season's most expensive stuff, because let's be honest: Who can really afford to be wearing head-to-toe Lululemon? (Not me.) What I'm talking about are the products that really make a workout. The best headphones, the best airy sneakers, and the best wick-woven apparel — all in bright colors and patterns. Because we all know how important it is for you gear to both look good and feel good, especially when the sun is beating down on you during the final stretch.

So, check out my 10 essential workout gear picks and give your gym clothes a fresh start.

1. Jersey Pullover

Women's Printed Floral Jersey 1/4 Zip-RBX, $28, Target

I'm a big fan of the quarter-zip pullover because it can act as multiple things. You can wear it over a tank for a bit of extra warmth (and then tie around your waist if you get too hot) or you can wear it with a sports bra, instead. Either way, this Target pullover will be a spring hit.

2. Printed Headband

Printed Knit Headband, $15, Calia Studio

For me, keeping my hair under control is a major problem, because when it's curly, it's all over the place. So finding a headband with some real staying power is a must. Unfortunately, that means they're usually black, but this one – from Carrie Underwood's new line Calia – has the sweetest print.

3. Tank Top

Sports Tank Top, $25, H&M

I'm completely obsessed with this tank top, mostly because of the print, but also because of the cut. Racerback tee's as great because instead of leaving you with tons of weird tan lines, you almost avoid them all. Plus, this top is made with a fast drying fabric that'll keep the sweat at bay.

4. Capri Leggings

Zella 'Live In - Streamline' Reversible Mesh Inset Capris, $52, Nordstrom

If it's too warm for full leggings, but still not warm enough for shorts, go for a capri legging. Made from similar material as your usual active legging, capris are stylish and suitable for the outdoors. These Zella capris feature a mesh inset for extra breathability, plus they're reversible!

5. Headphones

Sony MDR-AS200 Active Sports Headphones in Pink, $19, Amazon

Not only are these pink headphones super, they're super efficient. Instead of dealing with your headphones falling out of your ears or sitting weird, switch to these and never have to worry about them feeling uncomfortable during your run. Since they're water-resistant and perfectly angled for your ears, this might just be the best thing about your workout.

6. Sports Bra

Marie Meili Medium Impact Racer Back Gym Bra in Quick Dry Fabric, $33, Asos

When it comes to a sports bra, you want something that doesn't get soaked, gives you the right support, and that's cute enough just in case you ditch your top. And between racerback style and the quick dry fabric in this bra, shirt or no shirt, you're covered.

7. Water Bottle

Arctic White Umoro Premium Bottle, $29, Umoro

When you think about the essential workout gear for spring, you don't automatically think about a water bottle. Mostly because all water bottles are practically the same, except for this one. With an almost hidden compartment to hold your protein powder or drink enhancer, you can transform your water into something more in seconds.

8. Running Shoes

FlyKnit Lunar 3 Running Shoe, $150, Nike

I know, I know. Running shoes are expensive. But if you're a real outdoor runner, then you know how important having good shoes is. And this pair of Nikes were named one of the year's best. Its lightweight support and plush cushioning help to keep your natural stride. And the colors blend perfectly with the rest of the spring pieces.

9. Shorts

Women's Old Navy Active Compression Short, $20, Old Navy

I don't usually ditch my leggings, but I'm really liking the idea of the compression short. With the same support as most leggings – and more breathing room – these shorts are a perfect fit for those really warm days. They'll feel like a second skin and you'll love the print.

10. Sunscreen

No-Ad Prevent & Brighten Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer SPF 15 Spray, $17, Amazon

This one might seem a little strange, but here's why I've included it: SPF is always a must. Even if you don't think the sun is really out, protecting your skin is the best thing to do. If you're going to take care of the inside of your body, make sure to take care of the outside. Plus, this SPF spray will not only protect your skin from the sun, it'll also moisturize, brighten, and even out your skin tone.

Image: Fotolia