7 Reasons Jim & Leslie Are 'Gotham's Most 'Shippable Pair

My sincere apologies, Barbara Kean, but Leslie Thompkins and Jim Gordon are Gotham ’s couple of the moment. The relationship between the cop and the medical examiner is a welcome departure from the Batman comic book canon, where Leslie tends to be paired up with Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred. (She's closer to his age there.) However, in the world of the show, the doctor is drawn to fellow do-gooder Jim.

Their developing closeness is proof that Detective Gordon is becoming more comfortable with the ins and outs of the city’s sticky politics. Now that he understands the game and even succeeds at playing it, he’s relaxing a little. Watch as Jim and Leslie tackle cases and flirt magnificently while they do it — well, as much as a flat-footed, super serious cop can flirt. Now that they are paired up against the evil and corruption that permeates Gotham, they're more prepared to deal with it. So far, Jim and Leslie (Jeslie?) have kept each other tethered to sanity and goodness while the city falls down around them.

Back in the comic book canon, Detective Gordon ends up marrying Barbara, so Jim and Leslie might only be a temporary pair. But whether these two are endgame or not, I'm totally 'shipping it and you should, too.

1) It’s An Office Romance

Leslie was a doctor at the infamous Arkham Asylum when she and Jim met, but now she’s joined the ranks of the GCPD. Workplace relationships are always sexier, because they feel forbidden even when they’re not. We’ve seen the couple attempt to navigate their working relationship with the entire department looking on, and that resulted in one of Gotham' s steamiest scenes.

2) There’s An Element Of Danger

Everyone in Gotham has an edge — even Jim. But Leslie has yet to be anything but forthright, brave, and suspiciously virtuous. Do we trust her? We’ve yet to hear Dr. Thompkin’s backstory or delve beyond her surface. In the comics, Leslie was a friend of Thomas and Martha Wayne. In an interview with IGN, Morena Baccarin said she believed "that was in the works" for the Leslie she plays as well. Does she have information about the Waynes' deaths? There’s an unknown quality that makes the Jim/Leslie pairing exciting and a little scary.

3) They're Both Super Good-Looking

Always a plus.

4) It's Ryan Atwood Making Out With Inara Serra!

Both Ben McKenzie and Baccarin have created some other unforgettable characters — on The O.C. and Firefly, respectively, just to name two. It’s fun to watch two such familiar faces put their mark on this mythology together.

5) The City Will Benefit

Jim and Leslie are two professionals on top of their game. They are smart, brave, and work well together. As de facto partners, Detective Gordon and Dr. Thompkins are all the more capable of helping the citizens of Gotham and bringing killers, gangsters, and corrupt politicians to justice. How many 'ships can claim that?

6) Barbara Isn't The One

Maybe it's because she was still in love with someone else. But I wouldn't say she was really "in it" with Jim.

7) They're Still In The Honeymoon Phase

In which every moment, no matter how mundane, is sexually charged.

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