Sam Smith & His Godson Are An Adorable Pair

Fellow world inhabitants, the time has come to get on your knees and worship at the altar of cuteness. Alright, before you do that, I guess I'll explain why I've ordered you to do so. If you didn't already know, singer Sam Smith is a father... of the holy kind. As ABC News Radio relays, Smith, "was named godfather to his best friend Jimmy Napes’ newborn son." The site also relays that in addition to spiritually sharing a kid, the two share an album, as Napes was a co-producer on In The Lonely Hour. It's a relief to know that the baby faced Smith is the good kind of godfather, not the totally scary and morally corrupt Marlon Brando kind. In any case, while he's been an official potential caretaker now for a number of days, Smith just met his godson for the first time on Sunday.

Naturally, Smith did what any good new "dad" would. He he took to social media to show his godson off. Listen, it's one thing to watch the singer cradle a Grammy or 4, but it's another thing entirely to watch him hold a child that has been entrusted to him in the event something happens to his parents. It's just so evident in the pictures that Smith is intent on living up to his title and caring for the little guy, that it almost hurts. But, a bit more cynically, it's also evident that his main goal was to melt us all into puddles of goo at his feet. And, he most definitely succeeded in his conquest. The pictures of the pair together are seriously too sweet for words.

Check out the Smith's adorable Instagram pictures below and try to contain your squeals of excitement for the star.

Disclaimer: Try not to swoon when he refers to the baby as an, "angel."

Godfather & Godson


Baby's first (sorta) selfie

The cuteness is simply off the charts.

An amazing sketch re-creation of the first shot

As if the original picture couldn't get any more beautiful, this happens.