St. Patrick's Day Partiers Enjoy Parades Worldwide

St. Patrick's Day is known as a day of revelry, and though the official date isn't until March 17, many people and cities took to the streets to celebrate the holiday over the weekend. It's not a national holiday in the United States, like it is in Ireland, so for those of us who work on Tuesday, it might be a little difficult to celebrate when we have to drag ourselves out of bed the next morning. From Boston to Atlanta to Toronto, cities worldwide celebrated with St. Patrick's Day parades.

There was a lot to celebrate in the U.S. alone — Boston finally allowed gay pride groups to participate in the annual parade, which marked a huge milestone for the event in a state that was the first to legalize gay marriage. Chicago did the classic dyeing of the river green, Baltimore saw dogs join in on the fun, and New Orleans seemed to be exactly what you'd expect.

But it wasn't just American cities who used this weekend as a chance to celebrate their Irish heritage (or just party all Saturday long). Cities in England, Australia, Canada, and Japan also had strong showings to honor St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland who somehow ended up with a religious holiday that turned into a giant party in his name. Origins aside, here's a look (via social media posts) at how cities around the world celebrated St. Patrick's Day.


St. Louis




New Orleans

San Francisco



Green Bay, Wisconsin

Raleigh, North Carolina

Buffalo, New York


Vancouver, BC

Brisbane, Australia

Birmingham, UK

Toronto, Canada

Yokohama, Japan