8 Heroic 'Flash' Crossovers We Need To See

Listen up, fans of The Flash. I'm sure we all had so much fun watching the big crossover episodes of The Flash and Arrow (Felicity interacting with the S.T.A.R. Labs gang? Classic!) But let's not forget, that fun only lasted for two episodes. While other crossovers might be a little more difficult to actually carry out, thanks to network issues, comic character rights, writing complications, and other mostly legal problems, the sky's the limit when it comes to imagining crossovers. So why not put together some future, dream scenario where we could see our favorite DC characters come in contact with everyone's favorite new hero?

The Arrow crossover was so exciting to watch because it showed us the potential for the future of superheroes teaming up together. It made me itch for Barry to interact with others who either have powers like his, or are skilled enough to fight crime without superhero abilities. Smallville had it's fair share of crossovers, especially once their version of Oliver Queen was introduced and added as a series regular in later seasons, so why can't The Flash follow suit? Here are some of my crossover hopes for the future.

1. Supergirl

Casting Superman to work with Barry could be fun to watch, but there's two reasons having Supergirl would be so much better: 1) She's a strong, kickass woman and 2) It would be a blast to watch her and Barry work together. Remember the very short-lived team of Barry and Plastique? It'd be like that but even better. Plus, there is already a Supergirl television series in the works on CBS.

This crossover could actually happen since The Flash's creator Greg Berlanti is creating Supergirl. Imagine, if you will, The Flash dealing with an alien from Krypton but getting in over his head. Kara flies in to work with Barry and defeat the villain from her home planet. I'm sure we'd all be cheering for them both by the end.

2. Anyone On Gotham (Especially Gordon)

Maybe Fish Mooney leaves Gotham to try and run a different city as the sole crime lord. Or maybe Gordon hears that one of his bad guys like The Red Hood has made an appearance in Central City, so he works with Joe and Barry to take him down. And bonus, it would allow Ben McKenzie and Grant Gustin to share scenes, which would be a dreamboat overload.

3. Batman

Speaking of Gotham City characters crossing over, why hasn't Batman or even extensive talk of Batman made it's way to Central or Starling City? I'm getting a little antsy for someone to mention the Caped Crusader. He's got to be blowing up in the superhero sphere by now, right?

What if Bruce Wayne comes to town to work with S.T.A.R. Labs to rebuild the science and weapons division, but is also investigating all the weird stuff going on in the city? Eventually he comes to find out Barry's secret and decides to help him with his mother's case. Money can make anything happen right?

4. Lex Luthor

Or what if the Lex comes to town to "improve" Central City in mysterious ways? Then Batman wouldn't be too far behind and it could easily tie The Flash into the Gotham world.

5. Ray Palmer/The Atom

This is bound to happen. Haven't we seen Ray in The Flash PaleyFest promo? The most logical way I can think of Ray making the trek to Central is if he tries to power his suit, but something goes wrong. Maybe it works for a while then suddenly stops or doesn't work at all — and neither he nor Felicity can figure out the problem. In this case, what would Felicity do? She'd tell her billionaire friend to visit Cisco and Caitlin at S.T.A.R. Labs for help, and eventually Ray and Barry save the day together with the help of the whole gang.

6. Bart Allen

Barry figures out how to travel through time and ends up meeting his relative Bart, from 1000 years in the future! Or if we're using the more traditional Bart Allen backstory, Barry could meet his grandson by traveling through time. However, Barry traveling 1000 years into the future would be more interesting to watch, because it would give Barry the opportunity to be a real fish out of water and potentially create a portal for more crossovers with heroes and villains from the future.

7. Felicity

Yes, yes I know this crossover happens all the time (though still not enough in my opinion — Barry and Felicity forever!), but for those who may not know, a character named Felicity is in the comics and she happens to be the girlfriend of Firestorm, aka Ronnie Raymond. If the two met, could there be sparks? Obviously for this to happen, Caitlin would have to give her blessing, so we'll just have to wait for Miss Snow to find a great man of her own first.

8. The Justice League

Can we just start creating this superpowered dream team already?

Images: Cate Cameron (2), Dean Buscher/The CW; DC Comics (4); Warner Bros TV; FOX