Ryan Gosling Helps A Woman Propose, But Not To Him

He's done a lot of movies, but one thing that Ryan Gosling will always be remembered for is The Notebook. Even 11 years later, the movie full of sweet gestures and long-lasting romance is beloved by many girls (and guys). So what better way to pop the big question than at a Gosling event? That's exactly what one woman did when she proposed to her girlfriend during Ryan Gosling's directorial debut. The actor was there to do a Q&A about his new film Lost River, and ,when he handed the mic to a woman to hear her question, she had one for someone other than Gosling.

"I think your film was amazing and I'm going to kind of take away from it for a second if I can and ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she'll marry me," the woman in the audience said. Gosling's eyebrows shot up in surprise and he beamed and said, "We've got a marriage proposal!" After the (very-surprised) girlfriend accepted the proposal, Gosling announced, "Well, let's end it on that note. Congratulations!" Because really, how do you top a such a sweet declaration of love?

It was an aww-worthy moment, but it's not the first time that Gosling has inspired an act of romance. He's been the king of affectionate gestures since 2004 (when The Notebook came out) and his legacy has invited many a copycat. Here are seven ways Gosling has inspired someone else to do something sweet for to a loved one.

When His Presence In the Room Inspired This Proposal

I think my favorite part of this is that she was like, "This wasn't planed." So I'd like to think that just being around romance-master Gosling made her feel the need to propose right then. Watch the sweet moment at 11:45.

When Scott Disick Became a Handy Man

After catching Kourtney Kardashian watching The Notebook, Disick decided to follow Noah's lead and be a little more helpful. Sure, he didn't build a house like Noah did for Allie, but Disick did hammer a nail or two while showing off his spray-painted abs.

When Scott Disick Took Kourtney On a Boat Trip

Say what you want about Lord Disick but he knows how to woo a woman.

When Someone Notebook-Style Proposed

In January, an Italian man drew inspiration from The Notebook's lake scene and proposed to his girlfriend while in a boat surrounded by 1,000 paper swans that he made.

When Someone Made a Ryan Gosling-Themed Date

The people behind the app Jagger came up with an entire Ryan Gosling-themed date that any guy or girl would love. It includes visiting old houses á la The Notebook, taking a scenic drive in an homage to his movie Drive, and eating some Gosling-approved Moroccan food. (He's an investor in a Moroccan restaurant called Tangine in Los Angeles.) The only thing that could make that date better would be going on it with Gosling himself.

When This Couple Had The Notebook-Themed Engagement Photos

Their recreation is pretty spot on.

When The Notebook Inspired a Hundred Wedding Themes

Drawing upon The Notebook is the definition of a romantic wedding theme.

And sure, Nicholas Sparks deserves a lot of the credit for these things, too. But without Gosling, Noah's story wouldn't feel right. Gosling and romantic gestures just go perfectly hand in hand.

Images: foreverkendallxokylie (2)/Tumblr; giphy