A Smart Handbag? Here's What It Should Do!

Wearable tech is once again going to the next level, thanks to Mezzi, the Italian leather handbag maker. How so? Well, Mezzi is crafting smart handbags. That means the bags, which come in all shapes, sizes and chic levels, can have a Mezzi Trackr discreetly sewn into their lining. The Mezzi Trackr for iPhone or Android does a whole bunch of things that any woman who loves her handbag will certainly appreciate.

The Trackr, which is part of the Mezzi app, allows for wireless connection between the bag and the owner's smartphone. According to WWD, it can find lost things via GPS technology and proximity sensors. Once again, wearable tech has a serious purpose and feels oh-so-James Bond, all the while being majorly easy on the eyes.

Here's how it works: If you lose something, the Trackr's sensors reveal the distance between you and the thing you can't find. Wow! I thought that praying to St. Anthony was a foolproof method! (Sorry, that's a Catholic thing.) I lost my remote control in my bedroom the other night, sent up a quick prayer to St. Anthony, and it dropped out of a blanket three seconds later. I kid you not.

The Trackr also finds MIA bags and phones, even if the ringer is on silent. But it is just the beginning of Mezzi's smartbag functions. The app will also eventually seamlessly recharge smartphones and tablets. A security feature is on deck, as well, and it protects against identity theft via blocking technology so that credit and debit cards, as well as passports, cannot be scanned remotely.

This is almost as cool and as utilitarian as the jewelry that can save your life via similar technology.

This is the Elletra pouch/clutch, which is roomy and multi-functional, along with being beyond gorgeous.

While self-location or the ability to find things are super rad smartbag features, here are three other things I'd want my smartbag to do, regardless of how unrealistic my desires are.

1. Get Me Out Of A Bad Date

If I am on a crappy date, and I want out, without embarrassing the dude, I don't want to sneak off to the bathroom and call or secretly text a friend and ask them to call me and say that they had an accident and need my help. I don't like that karma and I think guys are a little wiser than we give 'em credit for. I'd rather just have the smartbag do my dirty work. Hit a button, have the phone ring with a fake, pre-programmed emergency, and bail.

2. Dispense Cash Or Credit

I have no idea how to make this work on a logistical level, and this is a pie in the sky dream. But during a late night out, when going to an ATM isn't always an option, how about the smart bag having a credit or cash reserve for a taxi or a car service?

3. Send Automatic Texts

If I am busy or in the middle of some hot and heavy fun or action, but someone keeps blowing up my phone with texts, I'd love the bag to just reply in my stead, telling my friends or family to back off for a few without revealing too much about what I am up to! It saves me from having to interrupt myself!

Images: Mezzi (2); Giphy (3)