Where Is Eddie From 'Family Matters' Today?

by Kaitlin Reilly

It has been nearly 17 years since the ABC sitcom Family Matters went off the air, which means nearly two decades have passed since we caught up with the Winslow family. Steve Urkel may have stolen the Family Matters spotlight from the second he stepped onto the scene midway through the first season, but the other members of the Winslow family were just as much a reason for tuning in. Take eldest brother Eddie Winslow, for example.

The sports-loving serial dater went from an academic slacker to a newly-minted police officer throughout the course of the show's nine seasons, but not before getting into plenty of trouble along the way. Eddie was the fun older brother you always wanted to have — heck, he even got to duet "Tender Kisses" with Tracie Spencer. (Hmm... maybe Eddie should have gotten his own spinoff when Family Matters ended.)

So who played Eddie on Family Matters? The lovable Winslow son was portrayed by Darius McCrary, and he didn't stop acting after filming 207 episodes of Family Matters. So where have you seen McCrary in recent years? Here are some of the things he worked on after the sitcom ended.

Freedom, 2000-2001

This UPN series was way more intense than the light comedy on Family Matters. The series took place in a futuristic version of America, where a war in the Middle East has caused a great economic downturn and domestic terrorism. McCrary plays one of the soldiers determined to bring freedom back to the people.

Committed, 2005

McCrary starred on this sitcom about eccentric New Yorkers finding love despite the craziness that it brings along with it. Unlike Family Matters, which aired for a total of 215 episodes, this series didn't have quite as good luck and only lasted for 13 episodes.

Transformers, 2007

McCrary took on the role of a fighter robot in the first movie of the Michael Bay franchise.

Next Day Air, 2009

McCrary starred alongside Donald Faison and Mike Epps in this comedy about two criminals who must sell cocaine before the real drug dealer finds out that it is missing.

Saw VI, 2009

McCrary joined this gory ensemble sequel, but sadly didn't make the cut to the next movie... no pun intended.

The Young And The Restless, 2009-2011

McCrary joined the soap opera cast as Malcolm Winters (a role originated by Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore) and appeared in 86 episodes of the series. Most of his time playing Winters seemed to involve him hanging out shirtless in bed.

Anger Management, 2012-2013

The sitcom star joined his pal Charlie Sheen on the FX series as Donovan, a member of Sheen's character's support group. In the video above, McCrary chats about the show and talks to TMZ about how Sheen is 100 percent right about pre-nup agreements.

So what does McCrary look like today? He's no high schooler. Here are some recent photos of the actor.

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