Martha Stewart Gives Life And Beauty Advice

by Jodie Layne

She roasted Justin Bieber this weekend and now she's spilling her beauty secrets on the internet: Martha Stewart is pretty much as relevant as ever and I can't get enough. She's a strong woman who forged an empire out of traditionally feminine "domestic work," was the first ever "lifestyle expert," and is still killing it at business and making time to plant four gardens a year. Stewart describes how she handles the load to Into the Gloss: "I manage it all — I woman it!" Martha, you totally slay me. She is, like I mentioned, still extremely visible and public as a 73-year-old woman in a society that makes very little room for women over 40. She also looks just as good as when she first popped into our homes on TV screens or magazines. And now you can have her dewy skin and bouncy hair, too, although the farm and chickens are not included (sorry).

Her list of products is the perfect mix of pricey classics like Mario Badescu and resourceful ones like Johnson's Baby Oil, which she says she applies to her face every night with a warm washcloth to remove her makeup. Other highlights? Well, she wakes up early every morning and uses the time to apply a face mask before her shower. My skin is feeling totally envious that I choose "snooze" over pampering it with a daily mask. Pardon me, face.

Stewart is also unapologetic about talking to doctors about treating wrinkles with "a little bit of a needle here and there," while admitting that she isn't into Botox just yet. She adds that she "doesn't have time" for breakage and splitting of her hair due to inferior shampoos and sticks to Fredric Fekkai. Furthermore, Stewart's not feeling any sparkles or glitter, so she stays with Bobbi Brown bronzer and favors Tom Ford products because of their "sturdiness."

Practical and luxurious, Martha is everything I though she'd be. May we all take a page from this legend and be so honest and unwavering in our standards — from today to 73.

Images: Getty; Giphy