'Zoolander 2' Scores Surprising Star For Cameo

I want you to close your eyes and think of the one person on earth who's least likely to poke fun at himself in the name of fashion. And, while I don't want to guide your guesses or anything, I think we can all agree that the person standing behind your eyelids right now is Kanye West. He's just the obvious choice. That's why I'm so genuinely shocked to hear that Kanye will have a cameo in Zoolander 2 , the sequel of a movie that was essentially designed to make people look stupid. Particularly people in the fashion world.

I'm wondering if maybe no one explained to Kanye what it means to cameo in a movie, but then I remembered that he also had a little part in Anchorman 2. Maybe Will Ferrell is just a super good salesman. And actually, that theory may not be that far off, because, apparently, Kanye and Ferrell are good friends. 'Ye even trusts Ferrell enough that Kim Kardashian will be making a little appearance too.

But how is this going to work? I can't imagine a scenario where this goes well and Kimye comes off looking like a smart, culturally-literate, fashion-inclined couple good-naturedly taking a ribbing. I don't think Kanye has ever good-naturedly taken anything, in fact.


In my dream world, I'm imagining a scene where he takes the microphone away from Anna Wintour (oh yeah, did I mention she has a cameo as well?) and says he's real happy for her, and he's gonna let her finish, but Vanity Fair had the best September issue of all time. OF ALL TIME. And then Wintour throws a full glass of mineral water into North West's face for crying in the front row. I can see it all now — the friendships ended, the threatened lawsuits, the butts in theater seats very excited to see this all go down.

But anyway, however they end up doing it, it's going to take a very skillful hand to get Wintour, Kardashian, and Kanye to come off as self-aware enough to parody themselves. Zoolander 2 is slated to start filming in the spring, and is currently set up for release in 2016. If you didn't want to buy a ticket before, Yeezy alone should be enough to convince you this is worth watching.

Image: Getty Images