Weekday You Vs. Weekend You

by Sara Levine

I feel like weekends are this magical time where we all turn into totally different people — like, maybe you're the super shy person at the office who doesn't talk, but on the weekends you're the life of the party. Because they always do what we're all thinking, BuzzFeed made a video comparing and contrasting Weekday You vs. Weekend You — and as usual, it's totally accurate in capturing the almost Cinderella-esque transformations we all make once that clock strikes 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon. As you'll see in the video, not all the changes we make in our routine are exactly radical... but I don't want to spoil the fun.

Let's be real: Weekends are the best. No responsibilities (except errands, ugh), no alarm clocks, no rules!... unless you work on the weekends, in which case reverse everything I just said. But even though weekends are everyone's favorite time of the week, I think we should all acknowledge that they would be nothing without the rest of the week. The joy of Friday wouldn't be half as great without the pain of Mondays. There is no light without darkness. You get the point.

Here — let's take a look at some of the little things that are different about what we do on the weekdays versus what we do on the weekends. Because after all, it's all about the little things.

Weekday You eats some lame-ass oatmeal for breakfast.

Le sigh. I can just feel the sadness coming through my screen.

Weekend You gets some kick-ass brunch!

With bottomless mimosas, amirite? I need some brunch in my life. Somebody please take me to Flying Biscuit.

Weekday You wakes up at the crack of dawn.

Seriously, it should be illegal to be required to wake up before the sun wakes up. Why do people think this is okay?

Weekend You sleeps as long as you damn well please.

If I want to sleep until 2 PM and take a four-hour nap on top of that, it's nobody's business but my own!

Weekday you scrolls through Facebook.

There's nothing better than stalking people who went to your high school on your boss's dime. Not that I would know personally, of course.

Weekend You still scrolls through Facebook

Because even though it's 12 PM and it's 70 degrees outside, I still can't stop looking through my pictures from 2008! I don't know why!

Check out the whole video below for more funny-but-true moments. And cheer up, Monday's almost over!

Images: Jirka Matousek/Flickr; BuzzFeedViolet/YouTube (4); Giphy (2)