When Mom Is The Only Person You Want To Talk To

by Kat George

Moms are magical creatures. They have all the secrets you need to know and somehow they manage to maintain an unconditional level of lioness-level love and loyalty for you even though you're very often the living worst. (Yes, you are; We all are the worst sometimes, and our moms love us anyway.) Moms have super powers that we might never fully understand, at least until we turn into mothers ourselves and must be inducted into the mother illuminati. Because there's got to be some otherworldly magic at play when it comes to motherhood. There just has got to be. Otherwise, there is no accounting for the unfathomable, unshakeable kind of love they shower upon us from day one, when we haven't even been alive long enough to deserve it, until we're grown and wretched and occasionally undeserving of that love. It's impressive, to say the least.

So it logically follows that there are some circumstances under which your mom is the only person in the world you want to talk to. From your highest highs and your lowest lows, sometimes, Mom is the one who you want to communicate with the most. She gets it. She gets you and she gets life, and what's more, she'll tell it to you like it is—but she'll never judge. Our mothers are our protectors, our friends, and our closest confidantes. Sure, you have your besties and your significant other, but some things are best saved for Mamma (like when your poop is a little bit wetter than you'd like it to be, and you need to know if it's time to go to the doctor). Here is a non-exhaustive list of moments when your mom is the only person you want to talk to:

1. When you successfully sprout your first herbs from seeds

Because she's literally the only person in the world who cares about your indoor herb garden that isn't you.

2. When you make an embarrassing mistake at work/relationship/socially

Because you have too much shame/fear of judgement to tell anyone else.

3. When you're heartbroken

Because she's got you. And she would literally tear that asshole's heart out with her bare hands if she got the chance.

4. When your poop is weird

Because she always knows what you need to eat/do to make it normal again.

5. When you don't know how long you can safely freeze chicken

Because moms have this kind of wisdom. You know, the kind that keeps you from poisoning yourself with your piss-poor cooking skills.

6. When your daddy issues are getting you down

Because she's the only other woman in the world who understands what it's like to be let down by that guy.

7. When you're feeling homesick

Because your home is where your mother is.

8. When you're self-waxing and a piece of wax gets stuck to your skin and you can't get it off

Because she will laugh at you and then tell you to stop being ridiculous and talk you through getting it off.

9. When you're crying and you don't know why

Because sometimes you just need your Mamma.

10. When you're so sick you can barely get out of bed

Because mom is the best at looking after you.

11. When you need really good relationship advice

Because your friends are all idiots at love.

12. When your BFF lets you down

Because you know your mom is your actual BFF anyway, forget all those other jokers.

13. When you don't believe in yourself

Because mom ALWAYS believes in you UNCONDITIONALLY, even when you're being a shit.

14. When you need to laugh at things only the two of you understand

Because mom jokes are a very specific type of funny, and laughing with mom is a very specific kind of release.

15. When everything feels like it's falling apart

Because she makes you feel like you don't even need to put it back together, as long as she's around.

16. When you did a craft project you're really proud of

Because Mom will always tell you the paddle pop stick picture frame you made is amazing, even though a 5-year-old could have done a better job.

17. When you just need someone to tell you the honest, blunt truth

Because Mom knows when not to sugar coat it.

18. When you have the worst period cramps in the world

Because ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. When you just need to feel like everything will be okay

Because Mom puts everything in perspective, and even when everything is in complete turmoil, knowing you can call her makes everything feel like it's okay regardless.

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