Which Double ‘Bachelorette’ Gets Picked By The Guys? The Spoilers Have Spoken, But We Have More Ideas For The Season

Here's your official warning. If you don't want The Bachelorette Season 11 spoiled for you, don't read any further! According to Reality Steve (who is always pretty spot-on with his predictions), there will be only one Bachelorette next season, but the other lady will stick around for part or all of the season. Spoilers for the double Bachelorette season say the guys pick Kaitlyn on night one, but "Britt still has a role on the show." (Although it's not yet known what that role is, or how long she'll have it.)

I'm not that surprised to hear that Kaitlyn would be the eventual permanent Bachelorette. #TeamKaitlyn started trending right after the two Bachelorettes twist was announced. Regardless of who the public and the guys wanted to be the Bachelorette, I still feel bad for Britt.

Although she was a controversial contestant on Chris' season, she seems like a really nice person who just wasn't cut out for a life in Iowa. But now it seems like her life on TV won't be exactly what she was hoping for either. What role could Britt possibly play on the show that wouldn't let her be Bachelorette but would allow her to stay? I have some ideas.

She Still Gets to Date Someone

Maybe Britt will hit it off with one or two of the guys on night one and ABC will remove them from the competition to let Britt continue dating them. I could see the show doing periodic check-ins with her as she continues her own path with a possible match from the show.

She'll Be Kaitlyn's Sounding Board

The show has brought past contestants on to give advice before. Maybe Britt will act as Kaitlyn's sounding board as Kaitlyn tries to make decisions throughout the show.

She'll Act as This Season's Jimmy Kimmel

Perhaps she'll get to plan fun dates for Kaitlyn and the guys, or she'll drop by unexpectedly to change up the rules. That would be slightly more fun than being an advice giver, but it would still be a weird role for Britt to take given how serious she's portrayed herself to be. I can't see her stepping into the comedian's territory, but maybe we'll see a new side of her.

She'll Host the Show

It's extremely unlikely, but if Chris Harrison decides to quit, I guess Britt could step in? She has been through the process before. She could even co-host. But again, it's extremely unlikely. Chris Harrison is as much a part of the show as roses and cliche love terms.

She'll Do a Series of Beauty Tutorials

Maybe Britt will get to do webisodes on how to have gorgeous hair without washing it, or the secret benefits of wearing make-up to bed. I'd tune in just to figure out where she gets her waterproof lipstick, because that stayed on her face like glue even when she was crying up a storm.

The only scenario that really makes sense to me is that Britt would get to keep dating off the show. She deserves more than just being a supporting character to Kaitlyn's process, so I hope she gets to embark on her own journey in some way as well.

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