10 Easter Ideas That Don't Involve Egg Hunts, Because You Aren't Six Years Old Anymore

It's time for everyone to get super excited, because the best holiday of the year is almost here — Easter! Well, you know, after Christmas, the Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo, and just about any other holiday that doesn't involve rabbit propaganda. And if you're like most young adults who have grown less and less excited about the Easter bunny coming to visit over the years, then you probably don't have any plans for this special Sunday. But there are in fact tons of to get excited about that don't involve egg hunts or oversized bunny rabbits — unless you're into that stuff, in which case you've got plenty of options.

We can’t just let this beautiful holiday be stolen from us because we’re under the impression that Easter is just for kids who get to fill their baskets with candy. (Honestly, isn't that what Halloween is for?) Easter is a chance to get out with your friends and family, and enjoy the pastel-colored spring day — whether you celebrate by going to church or staying in and gobbling up chocolate eggs. But if you’re looking for something to do that’s beyond the average egg hunt, then here are 10 ways to take advantage of Easter Sunday.

1. Easter Brunch

Whoever invented the idea of brunch is brilliant, because enjoying a late breakfast in the early afternoon is basically the best thing ever. Check out which restaurants in your town have Easter brunch specials and make a reservation. Besides, everyone knows the best way to celebrate any holiday is by eating copious amounts of delicious food.

2. Stock Up On Chocolate

We've all got a sweet tooth to satisfy, so why not fill up your Easter basket with your favorite types of chocolates, ganaches, and marshmallow-filled goodies? Grownups can enjoy treats too, you guys.

3. Head To An Easter Parade

Chances are there is a parade going on within a 10-mile radius of you on Easter Sunday, so join in on the fun! Parades are a great way to take advantage of free entertainment and enjoy the outdoors on a fine spring day.

4. Sport An Easter Bonnet

If you own a crazy hat or bonnet, then now is the time to pull it out. Bonnets are in this Easter, and every Easter! Some cities even have an .

5. Start Your Spring Cleaning

Since most company employees get Good Friday off, this three-day weekend is the perfect time to start your spring cleaning. Plus, if you can manage to sell some of your unwanted stuff, you can earn a little extra cash to do more of the things you love. Win-win!

6. Plan A Picnic

One of the great things about spring is that it's a lovely time to get outdoors, and there's no better day to picnic in the park than Easter Sunday. Whether you barbecue with family or play frisbee with friends, you're sure to enjoy a good meal out in the sun.

7. Throw An Easter Potluck Party

If you're looking for a way to celebrate big this Easter, then throw a potluck party. It's the best way to gather friends and food without having to cook up a storm. And if you're not sure what to make, try one of these.

8. Bake A Bunny Cake, Because Why Not?

Get creative with your cake decorating skills this Easter, and bake a bunny cake. Have a friend help out since it's sure to be an ambitious task, and don't forget the golden kitchen rule — sharing is caring!

9. Check Out The Easter Sunday Sales

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images News/Getty Images

One of my favorite things about any holiday is the sales! Just about every store has an Easter deal you'll want to check out, so take advantage and snag the savings.

10. Anything You Would Do On A Regular Sunday

But do it big! Plant some new flowers if you're into gardening. Instead of binging on your favorite show for the eight millionth time, check out a And if you're going to sleep in, then for crying out loud do it right and unplug everything.

Happy Easter!

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