How Long Have Demi and Wilmer Been Dating?

By Kaitlin Reilly

Demi Lovato had a very important anniversary to celebrate this week — the one marking her third year sober. On Sunday, the "Really Don't Care" singer posted an Instagram photo that announced the important marker, and she posted the picture in honor of one very special person: her boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. In the caption for the cute black and white pic of Lovato and Valderrama smooching, Lovato credits her man with loving her the way she never thought she "deserved to be loved," and even more incredibly, for keeping her "alive." It's clear that these two are deeply in love and the other's source of support, but how long have Demi and Wilmer been dating? You might be surprised just how long these two have been official.

The short answer? These two have been together for almost four and a half years. According to And Pop, the would-be couple met in 2010 at a shoot for Voto Latino, an organization that, according to their website, "empowers Latino Millennials to claim a better future for themselves and their community." Though we know Lovato as a healthy and body-positive celebrity today, 2010 was also the year she checked herself into rehab for issues ranging from an eating disorder to drug abuse. That means that Valderrama was with Lovato through some of her toughest moments — it's no wonder that she credits the From Dusk Till Dawn actor with saving her life.

Though these two have been together for years — with the exception of a short breakup in 2012 — the length of their relationship still surprises people. Maybe that's because it was only recently that the two started posting cute pics of one another via social media. In November 2014 Lovato posted a very couple-y pic of herself and Valderrama, and the world freaked out about it. Bustle writer Allyson Koerner likened it to finding proof that Big Foot existed — that's how rare this pic was.

Today, the couple isn't at all shy about sharing cute posts on social media, and Sunday's photo is only one of several adorable pics of the couple on Lovato's Instagram. It seems that these two are in it for the long haul and are totally okay sharing that with the world. It's inspiring to see a celebrity couple that builds one another up the way that Lovato and Valderrama do, and I'm more than okay with their virtual PDA. Really, how can you be mad about this cuteness?

Images: ddlovato/Instagram (3)