8 Ways Nordstrom Rack Is A Shopper's Paradise

by Marc Cuenco

If you're like me, walking into Nordstrom Rack is not your typical shopping experience. Sure, you can go to any one of its growing number of stores nationwide and shop for designer clothes at ridiculously affordable prices. I'm talking about that jackpot moment when you finally find that super comfy shirt, "It" bag, or pair of cap toe oxfords that you've been eyeing at the regular Nordstrom store and it's priced like it's Black Friday. It's precisely that kind of retail experience why more people are shopping at Nordstrom Rack than ever before. Below are just 7 more reasons to choose good ol' Nordies Rack over other designer clearance and off-price stores.

1. They're everywhere

According to Racked, the number of Nordstrom Rack stores has doubled in the last five years. There are currently 167 Nordstrom Rack stores nationwide (compared to 116 regular Nordstroms) and the company is on track to have 300 stores by 2020.

2. You're not sacrificing quality

The article also say that only 20% of Nordstrom Rack product comes from the full-line stores while the rest directly comes from vendors. That means you're not hunting out of season, bargain bin fashions that were rejected from the full-line shops.

3. But you're still getting the same selection

However, it's still possible to find the same quality items from Nordstrom at the Rack stores since they carry 48 of the company's top 50 name brands.

4. Their convenient online return policy

Not only does Nordstrom Rack have an amazing online selection and a site that is fully integrated with, customers also have the opportunity to walk in to any of its 167 stores to return or exchange their unwanted web purchases.

5. You don't have to fight the mall crowds

Retail analyst C. Britt Beemer tells Racked that one of the primary reasons for Nordstrom Rack's success is: location, location, location. "I think the great thing about Nordstrom Rack is the fact that they did not put them in major malls," he says. "They're basically in very well-located strip centers or town centers. The thing about mall retailers is that they're fighting a losing battle. There's fewer and fewer consumers going to the mall every day, so if you're a mall-based retailer you're somewhat crippled."

6. Fashionistas love the Rack

As of writing this article, the Purse Blog's popular Purse Forum thread has 165 pages of people posting their best Nordstrom Rack finds — everything from Prada flats, to Missoni scarves, to a Yigal Azrouel skirt.

7. They have true plus-size sizing

Unlike some other nationwide retail stores that have screwed over plus-size shoppers, Nordstrom Rack offers a wide selection for all body types as well as true plus-size sizing.

8. They love you, too

Finding designer pieces at lower prices is awesome, but none of that matters if no one's helping you in the store or you encounter a rude staff member. The Rack's parent company Nordstrom is known for providing excellent service, which is key to keep shoppers coming back.

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