Sarah Hyland Joins The Lob Masses

Yet another celebrity joins the lob club. Sarah Hyland recently debuted her new lob cut at PaleyFest yesterday and all I can say is that she looks incredible! A true lob-star. Hyland's new hairdo fit her perfectly, wearing a light pink pastel to complement her new short locks. Hyland's lob featured a sun-kissed ombre, brightening her face and giving her a glow, just in time for spring. Seems like the ombré lob is making a popular statement with celebrities this week: Jessica Alba also recently rocked the pastels and ombré lob, but soon chopped off all her hair for a bob. Perhaps, the same will happen for Hyland, too.

However, she didn't just cut her hair off. Instead, the Modern Family celeb explained that she merely took out her extensions for the desired lob look, saying, "Last week I got my extensions out!! It's lob time!...For a week." That could mean that she's putting her extensions in or that she's going to go into shorter bob territory. I'm telling you — the bob is coming. Or maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself, and we'll see more long, blonde locks like we saw from Hyland last year.

Whatever her future hair may be, I think we can all agree that these cuts are obviously all the rage this almost spring season. I mean, a little spring cleaning never hurt anybody. And at least you won't have to be doing any cleaning— your hair stylist will do all the work for you.