Oops! Kylie Had A Cleavage Contouring Malfunction

Kylie Jenner was in London this weekend for a Nip+Fab live interview as their new ambassador. Jenner has always been known for her lips, but this time around, it looks like her cleavage was drawing all of the attention. And no, it wasn’t all because she was wearing a mesh top with nothing but a black bra underneath: It was because of Kylie Jenner's alleged contouring makeup malfunction.

From afar, Jenner looked as flawless as usual. She was rocking a glitzy golden eyeshadow and a bold red lip. But if you look closely at her décolletage and cleavage, it looks like she didn’t get to quite finish contouring her chest area. But honestly, maybe it was the lighting or the angle or something. The foundation color looks totally off and I feel like as a makeup guru, Jenner would've probably found a shade that matched and blended more seamlessly into her natural skin tone.

Even if she was trying to lighten up certain areas, she would’ve done so like a pro. Because she is Kylie Jenner and she is from a family of professional contourers! Also, Jenner’s makeup malfunction doesn’t appear visible in every photo that was taken of her that day. Hosts of the event, Nip+Fab, didn’t notice anything wrong with Jenner’s cleavage contour. On Instagram, they captioned a post of her, saying: “How amazing did our girl @kyliejenner look on Saturday at our #Nipandfab press event? Kylie is an all round super star her skin, her make-up & her style!!” So it's definitely a possibility that someone toggled around with the contrast and saturation a little too much.

Either way, even if Jenner made an oopsie, girl still looked gorgeous. Check out the photo of her cleavage contour over at E! and tell us what you think! Real or nah?

Image: nipandfab/Instagram