Who Is Weather Wizard On 'The Flash'? Liam McIntyre Is No Stranger To Action

The Rogues are back in Central City. Who is The Flash's latest guest star, Liam McIntyre? He'll play Mark Mardon, the Weather Wizard who can control the elements. If this sounds familiar to you, you'll remember that Mark's brother Clyde Mardon was in The Flash pilot, escaped from prison, and displayed similar metahuman abilities. In a trailer for The Flash , Cisco makes a meta mention of that, claiming that he's been wanting to use the name "Weather Wizard" since "week one." I see what you did there, Ramon!

In the comics, Mark Mardon uses a device to control the weather, much like Captain Cold. He is also on a revenge streak after finding his escaped convict brother dead in his own home. Does that explain why we're seeing Mark now? The series has already strayed from the comics by making the Mardon brothers metahumans instead of giving them weather sticks. I think it's incredibly cool and touching that brothers display similar abilities in this universe. It makes sense. Most of the metahuman powers have something to do with the person's personality or interests, and I like to think that there's destiny attached to what they become. From the looks of the sneak peek below, Mark is unaware that Detective Joe West was the one who killed Clyde. The video shows McIntyre's character attacking the coroner in order to get the name of the cop who shot his brother.

So who is the actor taking on this role? McIntyre is Australian and has been in independent films as well as local Australian television programs. However, if you are a fan of action, you may have seen him before in the U.S. as well. He had a guest starring appearance on the HBO series The Pacific, and has an otherwise legendary career.

Spartacus: War Of The Damned

He was Spartacus. No really, McIntyre played Spartacus in the period series that ran from 2010 to 2013 and can now be found on Netflix. This may not seem connected to the world of the comics, but many of the Spartacus writers are working on superhero shows now — including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Daredevil, and The Flash itself.

Many folks would consider Spartacus to be a villain. He certainly was a rebel. This makes me think of how almost all of the metahumans The Flash are villainous in some way. Barry Allen seems to be the only one who uses his abilities for good. This can't be the case, right? Surely some of them are misunderstood and have the power to change their fate.

The Legend Of Hercules

Another period role for McIntyre, he played Captain Sotiris alongside Kellan Lutz as the demigod. The two form a bromance of sorts when they both survive a shipwreck and are accidentally sold into slavery together. It seems the Mardon brothers aren't the only tragic pair McIntyre has been a part of.

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