21-Year-Old Patrick Schwarzenegger Acts Like A 21-Year-Old While On Spring Break — PHOTOS

Ah, spring break. A week off from school, a trip to the beach, and enough booze to screw up your liver function for the rest of your life — it's a rite of passage for some, and a chance to make bad decisions for others, and it sounds like Patrick Schwarzenegger decided to go with the bad decisions option. Despite the fact that he's been dating Miley Cyrus for months (and possibly longer) Schwarzenegger was caught cozying up to a bikini clad girl during his vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, over the weekend, including but not limited to hugging her, walking arm in arm down the beach with her, and, you know, doing the occasional body shot off her stomach. You know, totally normal things that guys with serious girlfriends do all the time. Not.

And now that the photos have gotten out, Schwarzenegger is on the defensive in a major way. He seems outraged that anyone would even insinuate that he would cheat on Cyrus, although the photos taken by sneaky paparazzi seem to speak for themselves. Guys who are in relationships where they respect their significant others and their feelings probably wouldn't be caught doing things like this:

However, Schwarzenegger is insistent that he didn't do anything wrong, and that the girl in the photo is a girlfriend of a friend. He quickly headed to Twitter to dispel the rumors, although I don't know if his words are actually going to do any good since the photos are pretty incriminating.

Listen, I'm not here to judge how other people want to behave in their relationships. It's totally possible that this is Cyrus-approved behavior, because she's certainly agreed to stranger things over the course of her career. However, I'm not buying Schwarzenegger's story. First of all, you don't get that close to a half naked girl when you have a girlfriend, and you really don't get that close to a half naked girl if she's dating one of your best friends. It doesn't show respect for Cyrus, and it doesn't show respect for his friend, either. I can't imagine his BFF saw these pictures and thought, "There goes Patty, lovin' all up on my girlfriend again! Silly guy, I love him so much."

And as for Cyrus' reaction? She's not airing her feelings on social media (atta girl!) but if you read between the lines on her recent posts, something definitely seems a little off. Monday night, she posted this on Instagram:

If this is in reference to Schwarzenegger, I agree wholeheartedly. I was a fan of their relationship, but if Schwarzenegger plans on conducting himself like the 21-year-old he is while he's away from his girlfriend, maybe he's not the right guy for Cyrus. After all, she's right — she's totally a pink Starburst and should not be treated like she's yellow, and neither should anyone else for that matter.

Of course, being that none of us actually know anything about their relationship, this incident could be totally OK with both of them. But for future reference? Maybe Schwarzenegger shouldn't get so close to girls he's not dating if he doesn't want to face the wrath of Cyrus' loyal fans. Just a tip.