Australian News Anchor's Neckline Looks Like A Penis Because We're All 12 Years Old Apparently — PHOTOS

You're about to feel about 12-years-old when you see the following penis that you will never be able to unsee. Iconic Australian news anchor, Natarsha Belling, wore a top on the Channel 10 news whose neckline looks exactly like the outline of a giant penis. This is where we're at. "Your shirt is decidedly phallic" is the collective level of maturity of people in our society/the Internet community. Penis aside, Belling looks quite lovely in emerald green, and looks aside she's an intelligent, articulate woman and accomplished, veteran news anchor who deserves much better than to be branded with our stupid mind-penis.

The second dress to go viral in as many weeks, you can see we, the people of the internet, doing some high-brow culture curation right now. It's really hard to see the funny in bringing the focus of a powerful woman's career on a penis-shaped neckline, largely because it diminishes so much of Belling's actual ability. Moreover, Australia has been responsible for more than a little bit of controversy surrounding its female news presenters of late, after Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson was trolled for her outfit choices, while male co-host Karl Stefanovic wore the same suit every day for a year in an experiment to see what people would say (which incidentally, was nothing at all, proving that sexism is a very real thing in the way we treat people in the public eye and their workplaces).

The standards women are held to and the scrutiny they're put under is utterly ridiculous, especially when we're starting to see penises where there are none. What about scrutinizing, I don't know, the quality of Belling or Wilkinson's work? Can we give the constant looks-based analysis of women's worth a rest for just one second, please? Here's Belling's offending dick-shirt:

If you really must see penises somewhere, go on Instagram and follow (one of my favorite accounts, because obviously I'm not entirely above it), That Looks Like A Dick. Because sometimes things DO look like dicks and there are definitely times we can laugh at that without it amounting to a sexual diminishment of a professional woman. Here are some winning penis-looking things that we can all laugh at, guilt free:

1. This unfortunately placed foot

2. This cat's strangely shaped tail tip

3. This incredible dog poop, that's confounding even a dog

4. This house that was probably built without consideration for the bird's eye view

5. This naturally occurring rock formation

Images: Paul Ikpe/Twitter; thatlookslikeadick/Instagram (5)